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    Ascension is a Div 1 team that plays possession style football with the emphasis in trying to play an attractive and fluid style. By possession, we don't mean playing across our back line, but having an understanding to move the ball sides and back if needed to generate space further up the field.

    We currently have a core group of players with a solid foundation to build on. Now that we have begun our journey on Fifa 18 we need good squad depth so the following positions will be considered in a 433 formation:


    Winger (RW/LW) - It will be important for the winger to provide width as we build up from the back. You will be required to make runs inside in the final third playing off the St. You will need to be creative and be able to offer attacking options, whilst also tracking back and being able to press.


    CM/CDM - Essentially it is important that the midfielders dictate and control the play, with a key understanding in maintaining the ball. CM's can box to box offering both offensive and defensive responsibilities (when one goes in an advance position the other needs to maintain positioning). The CDM is a pivot in this system, breaking up the play and controlling the midfield. Positioning and tackling attributes are key as well as composure. We are all mature players with the objective to win (obviously this is not possible every game). There maybe potential to move up to 11 man in the future, however, this would depend on how successful the team chemistry is built upon.


    IMPORTANT: We use Skype as our main way of communicating to organise timings etc. We also use PSN party chat in game...Don't worry we are all friendly chaps Smile


    Our playing times are between 8/9pm-11/12pm most days. Fridays and Saturdays are usually off for other social commitments but sometimes we play depending on availability.


    If this sounds interesting to you, then please drop us a message to one of our managers: RockyVP_4 (PSN) or rahilkhan50 (Skype) or Bruluis888 (PSN) or bru_luis (Skype)


    Please Send stats and Average rating, although stats can be deceiving it will be important to gauge how you can fit in to how we want to play. When applying please indicate what position you are applying for, because this will be your primary position. However, flexible players are very much welcome as long as you understand the disciplines of the assigned role. Experience needed and must be over 18 years.


    You will be trialling in a second team for a probationary period, this is to judge how you play and get used to our team chemsitry.


    Thanks for reading.

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