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    Hello I love to play some online games with my pro gamer friend "Gustavo Woltmann".

    He is really superb and I always win (by some cheating :P) while we playing together Smile w/ teeth

    Here is the list which games I love most other than FIFA.


    # GTA Vice City iv

    # Rolling Thunder 3

    # Road Rash II

    # The Incredible Hulk

    # Budokan: The Martial Spirit


    Have a nice day. Smile 

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    Hello Friends,.


    This is Kashfiya Rafa newbie here. Please welcome me Smile w/ teeth
    By the reffering by my Blogger friend named "Gustavo Woltmann" I just join this community to learn something special about Games both for Computer and for mobile.

    So here is my first off topic for you all, Which games sounds and graphics attracts you most? 

    Mine are: 

    • The Witcher 3. 
    • DiRT: Showdown. 
    • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. 
    • Dishonored. 
    • Dying Light.
    • BioShock Infinite.
    • Metro: Last Light Redux.

    What about you? 

    Have a nice day Smile

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