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    IF Alessandrini is the best RM/RW/RF I can afford... , he is like a cheaper weaker version of Bale by the looks, 4 star skills, 4 star weak foot.

    Very good performer when run at CAM or ST position. Good nationality, bad league yes, but you can easily fit a striker around him like Lacazette, midfielders like Bakayoko, Matuidi etc.



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    I tried this side out, but did it as cheap as possible, so didn't use any chemistry styles.

    Sold it for the weekend as a lot of the players went up, e.g. Goretzka as he is useful for Sané SBC.

    Same with Marquinhos, he went up a lot as he was out of packs.



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    Quote from ManniG >>

    The thing is, if we consider the kick-off "glitch" as a confirmed thing (and even many pros do talk about it so I guess that is the case), it is basically the final proof that scripting / momentum exists. If they put it in in one place (kick-off) it is not so far fetched anymore that it is activated in other situations, too. And as the problem exists since several FIFAs now it is also clear that it is there on purpose. A glitch would have been fixed by now even by EA.


    Not that I personally needed this proof.


     I don't disagree.

    I guess it is the consistency of this which confirms it. The KO Glitch is 'so consistent' it is pretty much proven.
    Will EA 'patch it out' now it has become so obvious? If they do, I guess you can conclude:
    1) It was a glitch.
    2) EA fixed it, so on record have done 'everything they can'.
    If they don't patch it out, EA can of course claim:
    1) It doesn't exist/isn't programmed in and is just 'a regular occurence down to the way people play'.
    2) It is part of the game and is just down to the engine and could happen anytime.
    Sometimes from 'goal kicks' I just cannot retain the ball, from around 4-5 methods of taking them, e.g. short pass to CB, short pass to OTHER CB, short pass to RB or LB - long pass to RB or LB, chip to CDM player etc etc.
    I just get closed down very fast, other times I almost have to 'try to lose the ball' to lose possession, e.g. take tons of risks. Even if I give the ball away it still 'bounces back to me'.

    It is just a game at the end of the day I guess.
    One we pile tons of time (and/or money) into.
    It should be consistent, but it isn't.
    EA don't answer to anyone.
    I've said it once and I'll say it again.
    We had 'chemgate' a couple of years ago where non day one cards/special cards were all limited to 4 chemistry or something like that.
    EA didn't suffer at all from this, someone simply discovered it and proved it as factual (proved further than 'beyond a doubt' court type level).
    EA then fixed it.
    They didn't have to pay any compensation, it was 'just one of those things'.
    If EA can get away with a scandal like this and are not subject to 'fair play/investigation type stuff' - they simply 'have their customers by the balls' so to speak.
    So the only option is to stop playing the game.
    I am getting sick of it and cannot put this much time into it for years to come, I am going to try and tone down my play, after this month, I will try and tone down weekend league involvement and gradually stop playing it with a view to not play it next year....
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    Well, the demand will by far outweight the supply, if SBCs come out, it could end up even worse.

    I regret not picking up Pogba or someone the weekend, he has gone up 60k on Xbox since Sunday Confused

    I KNEW Sunday would be the best day to pick players up, as market was flooded by sellers who wanted to get rid of their cards before BF anticipating a drop, ah well.

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    Quote from MJELEB >>

    Mattheus was to get SBC Younes in the team.  I like him, he's like an IF Mertens or something.


    I have had my eye on a CR7-Suarez-Bale-Casemiro team with the Boateng-Manolas triangles at the back.


    I figured a German/Bundes team with Legends was something a bit different, but having those 'game changers' is important to winning.

     I don't find SBC Younes that great, what chem style do you run on him?
    I assume POTM Sané is a better card, but won't even consider doing that SBC now, he hasn't had 'great feedback' - 3star/3star isn't good enough for 200k+
    I already have POTM Mané so am happy, I ran Younes in my second team, but as I said, I was disappointed Confused
    I guess for an 84 rated card, you can't expect 'too much' though.
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    'Dirty Mike' / Hastag Mike - whatever he calls himself these days also did a 10 minute video on it.

    I didn't learn much from the pro's video's on this, I usually just get a strong quick player (Not a CDM or defender, but a CAM, winger or ST player) and chase the opponent from kick off to try and win the ball back, sometimes resorting to a foul if the opportunity arises!

    Still, a lot of the time, whatever you do, you will concede shortly after even if you manage to stop it.


    It is quite simply ridiculous, why is it in the game? Do EA want to 'make things more exciting' by someone scoring early on the open the game up?


    I used to put the ball down the wing straight away with using 4-3-3 (2), and used to almost beat the whole opponents team by running at them with POTM Mané and doing the odd 'one two' series of passes, I thought that aciton was OP, but now since switching to 4-3-1-2 - you can just score from other methods, almost doesn't matter what you do, I start by passing to my CDM, then RB, then start passing forwards and can still score within 8 in game minutes after kick off.


    It is a major flaw in the game, the fact it is so publicised shows how bad/obvious it is.


    Not sure that is much people can do about it, except try and do the exact same thing back to the opponent once they've conceded?


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    Quote from whytwoaccounts >>

    when i change formation i cant exit the screen and resume the game. i just get stuck. first time turning the controller off let me get around it. now im just stuck. 4-1 on legendary in SB...there's no end to EAs bullshit. 

     I had this issue a few times, earlier on, I assumed a patch fixed it.
    Also, 'Tass' had this problem, it came up in some of his videos earlier on in the life of Fifa.
    If I paused the game and went into the team tactics/substitute, the game wouldn't freeze, but I couldn't come out of it.
    In SBs/single player, there is no possible way to go back into the game - so I had to close Fifa and re-open it, losing any progress/squad battle points and the current game, getting a 'DNF' etc.
    If it was 'online' - then there is of course a '40 second' countdown timer, so after that counted down it went back to the game, but no changes I made went through, so couldn't make substitutions etc. Which was not great.
    I just didn't make subs when I had this problem, I am sure it is some form of corruption, next time there is a patch, I am sure it will be fixed for you.
     Might be worth contacting EA though, as it is an unacceptable bug/glitch.
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    Quote from giovanniqm >>

    Why do the SBCs? Why not buy the player, if it doesn't work out you can sell it, some players don't fit my team, I've Rui Costa and it didn't work for me, I sold him and got most of my coins back, I think I lost about 40k on that transaction, but worse to do the SBC for 600k and then not use him.

    Fair point. Appreciate the input.
    The price of doing the SBC and buying the card are the same.... bit mad really.
    Just wish I hadn't blown 200k on the 2nd hardest SBC in that Petit set lol, what a stupid decision! (2nd only to the 'icon requirement' one).
    Ah well, just one of those things I guess.
    I may do him when I have a ton of red cards to throw into the other SBCs and maybe if icons drop at some point.
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    Quote from giovanniqm >>

    PES is $29.99 right now on the PS4 store, I'm close to buying it but I'm probably going to pick a different sport like car racing or something... I'm so frustrated with Fifa at the moment.

     What made you this frustrated? SBs, FUT Champs? What happened dude?
    Just try and find something more enjoyable. Fifa/FUT never changes it seems.
    If you don't enjoy it, it is a waste of life.
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    I have started doing this SBC and have completed 4 of the challenges (including the 87 rated single challenge! Madness?! :/)

    I have the 'Icon' challenge SBC as part of this to do, but the appropriate icons to submit have now gone to 550k+ I think.


    I have already done the Rui Costa Prime Icon SBC and have him untradeable in the club.

    He cost me between 400-500k.


    Is Petit great? If he is, I would strongly consider submitting Rui Costa to get him, in theory now, if anyone wants Petit, they are best off doing a 'Prime SBC Icon untradeable SBC' as it appears to be cheaper than buying a tradeable one to submit. Also, you get pack rewards to boot.


    However, I am worried I will submit my Rui Costa Prime Icon and regret it.


    Also, I am wondering in the future, if they do Ronaldo or Pele Prime Icon untradeable SBC, one of them may ask for 3 icons or something as part of the challenge to submit, as these are the best cards in the game and Untradeable icons could be 'very useful indeed' for this.


    Any thoughts?


    Any feedback on petit, is he 'game changing'?


    I have around 300k coins and a few tradeable cards left worth around 100k.

    I almost did the Sané SBC today, but realised it is ridiculously expensive, considering I already have POTM Mané who could in theory be better... and I don't want a pile of untradeables come the end of the year.



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    Glad you have found something you like.

    Who cares about coins, the only purpose of coins is to buy players to build a team out of.

    You've done that.

    You can plan improvements based rewards from playing the game, SBs, FUT Champs, Divsions, DKT etc etc.


    It's great to be happy in FUT, doesn't come around too often, people worry so much about trading and building a wonder team, they don't always use their coins to enjoy the game throughout the whole year.


    As much as untradeables are irritating at times, I like them in another respect as you NEVER have to worry about them losing market value/going down in price, or selling at the right time, you have the card, you can use it and just be happy, don't look back.

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    I will probably call it a day after this year to be honest. FUT Champs, SBCs and even SBs this year have been positive changes, Fifa 16 started to get boring, as there felt like 'no purpose' to the game.


    The additions EA made gave the game more 'purpose' at least for me personally. Aiming for a better weekend league finish every year.


    SB has decent rewards, but I find 'for the amount of games you play' the rewards aren't that good (you mainly just get packs in addition to coins you'd get from seasons anyway - but I rarely pack much from the packs, so they are nice but not amazing - don't get me wrong though, I enjoy opening packs like most of us I am sure).


    SBs feel pretty repetitive and boring - let's face it, they are a way to grind coins from playing the game - which is what everyone has always asked for - so EA have supplied what we wanted - before it was better to trade than actually play the game, whilst this is still the case, it is nowhere near the 'gulf' in difference it was before.

    Playing SBs is addictive and wanting the rewards each week is definitely something that is difficult to 'stop doing'. So I can understand it is hard to tear yourself away from something that excels your team building progress in the game so much, especially if you pack something decent every few weeks from the reward packs.


    The problem is, we play the game for fun - so what part of the game do we actually find 'fun'?

    EA have put SBs in for grinding, it is not necessarily the most fun part of the game, however -


    I want to play more online, but I need to generate more coins, basically I want to generate enough coins to finish the Petit Icon SBC, which I am probably 500k away from now, I hope my investments for POTM go well....


    I just don't get the time to play during the week and at the weekends (fut champs).

    FUT Champs is the best rewards in the game and I am playing against human opposition, which - however you look at it, rage at opponents included, is by far a better experience then 'the same thing every game but against different teams' (SBs).


    Problem is, without 'online competition' the game feels a bit 'empty and pointless'. E.G. You build these 'super teams' just to play against the CPU, different teams but the same sort of game everytime, which is bound to get boring eventually, no matter what you do.


    I've always said it, but after 4-5 years of FUT, it is the same process every year, we are all bound to get bored - unless people make the step up to 'pro gamer' or something.


    Regarding the gameplay - FUT Champs is very hit and miss at weekends, fast at 2am but slow at peak times. Not sure why, maybe down to the location of who I am matched up against? Maybe down to servers being overloaded or slow.


    SBs feel very fluent and clean during the week, especially Monday/Tuesday after suffering FUT Champs all weekend - no surprises there.


    The gameplay is inconsistent, sometimes, good, sometimes not so good. It is ok to play I guess - I would expect more, but accept 'it is what it is'.


    Not had a disconnection for a while, so am fairly happy about that.

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    I was wondering if the black Friday market crash has any effect on inform cards that are no longer in packs? My two most expensive cards are an inform Fekir and an inform Alessandrini. Both of their prices have gone up since i bought them. Would it be worth selling now and buying back after the crash or will the crash not have an effect their price since they are no longer in packs? Thanks in advance!

     Difficult to say, I think it depends very much on whether the card is superseded by a same nationality or same league/club card coming out that is better.
    IFs seem to hold their value, last year IF Florenzi held his value amazingly well, I had him early on, sold him as I was worried he'd drop in price and he doubled in price.
    Some of these 'Niché Market' players just hold their value, E.G. IF Valencia, until a better alternative comes out, he will be valuable as he is without doubt the best RB in the premier league.
    I am sure it was the same with IF Florenzi last year.
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    I think it is 50/50, could be Sané or De Bruyne.

    Sané has far more stats and no POTM has ever been awarded/given to someone who has no goals during the month I don't think?


    Still, everyone sees De Bruyne as the 'driving force' behind city, both Sané and De Bruyne have both had the odd 'off game' during Ocotober. I assume based on stats, there is only one winner, but if the panel decide to give the award to De Bruyne as he has pretty much been a strong candidate for September AND October - it could screw with a lot of investments!


    If it was public vote, I am sure Sané would win it in a landslide, but De Bruyne seems to be favoured a lot and I just worry this POTM isn't as much as a 'done deal' as everyone assumes it to be.

    Don't get me wrong, I hope it is a 'done deal' as I hopefully have what I need to get the card, or profit from selling what I have, but all my investments seemed to go wrong last month, I know the stats were 'close' but Aguero had better stats and less games played, so I still am not sure why Kane won POTM. The panel obviously felt he deserved it and as the public vote only counts for 10%, you just never know.



    I really cannot make up my mind if I want the card or not.

    I already have POTM Mané and don't feel he is that great, it often feels like Sané NIF is almost as good?!

    This means Sané POTM could be amazing?


    I must admit though, when moving Mané to ST position 'in game' meaning he is on 10 chemistry, he can be pretty effective.

    However, I also have the Amin Younes card who is untradeable German LM/LW/LF player.


    I have a couple of German IF players in preparation, I bought a load of city players and Mustafi's last week, but have gradually been selling them off for the past few days 300 coins profit per card.


    Maybe I should just 'steer clear' of this SBC and sell all my preparations. I want to try and pickup Icon Petit, but am 700k away from doing that Confused


    It was supposed to be announced on 10th November, but it was put back to 17th, I have no idea why really TBH.


    People say it clashed with 'Road To Glory' but it has nothing to do with FIFA (unless there is under the table stuff going on, which wouldn't surprise me at all), as the POTM is announced and then FIFA follows suit with the SBC. Who it is probably don't really matter for EA, they have SBCs based on each of the nominations, they just release the appropriate one when the POTM award is announced.


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    Quote from futhead_LoveyPSU >>

    This is kinda nice. I think I played one match all weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and am still 10K points or so above the cutoff for E3.

     Totally agree, I like the 'premium gold player pack' - just because you get all players for SBCs and have a chance of a decent ish player.
    Mega packs and rare mega packs are consumable packs most of the time, because there are so many 'rare gold cards' you have a decent chance of packing something good, but it is not worth the extra effort.
    The more I think about this, after hitting 'Gold2' in weekend league two weeks in a row, I think EA should either give the 'Premium Gold Player Pack' instead of the 'Rare Gold Pack' (both have same pack value in coins)- or give a 'Rare Player Pack' instead of one of the 'Rare Mega Packs' (Rare Mega Pack is worth 55k and Rare player pack is worth 50k, so EA wouldn't be giving up too much, as it is worse value IMO).
    Last week, as part of my gold2 rewards of 2xRare Mega Pack and 1x Rare Gold Pack, I managed nothing higher than a SINGLE 83 rated player.
    Nothing worth really anything.
    Granted, I am fortunate/thankful the one week I did finish 'gold3' I pulled Gianluigi Buffon out of one of the mega packs and Thibaut Courtois out of the Rare Player Pack.
    So my pack luck hasn't been 'bad' so far, but it just seems these 'rare mega packs' aren't great - again, I know you are guaranteed more rare gold cards, but when 50% of them can be consumables, it is not great. I guess EA feel the extra 15k makes up for it?
    I only want to finish 'gold2' to get a decent monthly reward, otherwise I'd try and finish gold3 every week.
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