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    posted a message on Has EA succesfully killed the FUT 16 coin sellers market?

    So I started Fut 16 on android with a moral stance against buying coins, and no intention to do so. I grinded like crazy for more than a month and saved all of my coins for packs. I was rewarded with jack shit. I thought, "Ok EA needs to pay the folks that made this game, I'll invest in some Fifa points and everyone wins!" I'm ashamed to say I have spent over $150 in FIFA points. The best player I have packed? 80 rated Debuchy. Seriously. I have also packed a cavani and hero salah IN FREE PACKS, so they are unsellable. A few weeks ago, I said "screw ea, they don't care about me so why should I care about them?" Now I've spent weeks trying to buy coins. I've been ripped off once and have had to get refunds due to lack of stock twice. Has anyone successfully bought coins? Any referrals? Probably gonna write it all off as a loss and give up the game otherwise. I realise its my own fault for getting addicted, but EA know that and continue to rake it in. Sucks so hard.

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