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    Hi, i might not be the best Fifa player ever. But after Fifa 15 and now Fifa 17, i have seen and experience enough gameplay to safely confirm that EA is fucking with our game experience. Don't get me wrong, i do not enjoy this topic cause i love Fifa but not the way the game had been scripted which many claim i personally have a list of evidence that this game is not to be played with you have anger management.


    The below are base on single player mode. Share if the same happens to online


    1. My players are not proactive which means they are waiting for the ball to reach their feet which could lead to opposite team snatching the ball away from them.


    2. Players with 90 pace cannot outrun players with 60 pace.(depending on difficuity level by the way) semi-pro and below, you can outrun players with lower pace. Professional level and above, NO WAY IN HELL!!!


    3. When you are 0-1 down, they ensure the score stays 0-1 no matter how hard you try. Plus you will miss open goals.


    4. Don't get excited when their team had players sent off, it will be triple harder to win.


    5. All the goalkeepers are neuer standards. All the defender are min ramos standard. Can't break down.


    6. Sometimea depending on score, all your players cannot turn or move or shoot.


    7. Everytime you miss pass, 99% will lead to goal. Everytime they miss pass, 99% once you get the ball, you too will miss pass.


    8. Your keepers throws the ball into his own net.


    9. Your best players gets injured very easily. ( and its always the same players )


    10. EA's level of gameplay is not the higher division you go and the better team you play against. Its the higher division you go, the more your players cannot play football.

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