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    I had four goes at the DKT last night and never got past the semi.


    I'm not particularly good just yet on 18 and if I was better I'd have probably won it.


    However, I've never got as angry at the game in all of 17 as I did last night particularly.


    There seems to be a ton of random actions added in this year that put far more of the game 'out of your hands'.


    Some of the things that happen are from last year but happen more often.


    But, there are a few things that happen that are new to me and infuriating.


    I'm basically struggling to come to terms with how I can press a button and the game doesn't execute the command.  That is the definition of a broken game isn't it?


    There were things last year e.g. you play a through ball to your right winger who's running in space but the game plays the ball to your ST or LW who's marked up.  That was annoying as hell and it's back this year.  However, I've had it happen in 18 where I press X (Xbox button for lob) and it does a ground ball.


    There have been several times where I've pressed a command but the game hasn't attempted to perform it correctly, it's exectuted something else.  It isn't a mistake by myself.  It clearly does a different action.


    If you press something and the game executes it but messes it up, that's fair enough, but to not actually execute what you ask it to is insane.


    Anyway, as well as the game not executing actions it's also doing lots of irritating things.


    The 'AI' seems to be doing things with players you're controlling that it only did with players under 'AI' control last year and again I feel this is a broken game.


    Example:  FIFA 17 - Your opponent plays a ball over the top to their winger.  You feel you're getting there with your full back and you press to pass it away but instead  your player sticks a leg out to control it first.  This often led to their player taking the ball and running clear through.


    FIFA 18 - Same situation only you never pressed a button.


    FIFA 17 - Opponent makes a pass.  Your player under AI control does a slide to intercept the pass.


    FIFA 18 - Opponent makes a pass.  The player YOU'RE controlling does a slide to TRY to intercept the pass even though you pressed nothing.


    E.g.  I was in a game last night and I'm in control of Nainggolan about 20-25 yards out and I'm chasing  down between a couple of his players, concentrating my balls off to keep my shape in a very tight game.  He plays a pass to a player on the corner of the 18 yards box and then he plays a pass to the center of the 'D'.  I'm running towards the receiver with Nainggolan but suddenly Nainga makes a slide attempt to intercept!  I pressed nothing!  He misses of course and his player now has the time to pick a shot and that's game.


    Another time they play a little chip ball from 25 yards to the edge of the 6 yard box to their winger.  I see it coming and I've covered the run with Koulibally whom I'm in control of.  I predicted the ball would land and then I'd take it off him but instead Koulibally stuck a leg out and controlled it for him and was now off balance and unable to react as he took him on.  I was in control of Kouly and hadn't pressed anything.


    I'm just finding lots of random stuff that are out of my hands happening more in 18 than it ever did in 17.


    If the game decides to give me or my opponent 'momentum' and we're faster and stronger for example, that is one thing.  But to make random things happen that are impossible to predict or for your players to simply not execute what you're pressing is insanity.


    I probably had lots more examples and other points but it's morning and I'm tired.

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    Is it me or does the multiplier sometimes not work?


    I had a points total of 1216 and a multiplier of 2.1 for winning 3-1 on legendary, however, it only gave me 2000 odd points instead of 2500 odd.  I think my points worked out at 1.721 as a multiplier.

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    posted a message on Why does squad battles suddenly suck?

    I got a disconnect in a sb last night too.  We also got a disconnect in friendly reasons but both of us were back to the ut menu not off the server and the next game was fine.

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    Friendly seasons are still broken from (July?) so you can't complete a season.

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    Another example, I built an Italian league side and put a Hunter on Perisic which gives him 96 acceleration and 97 sprint speed.  I also have Gomez and Felipe Anderson up front.  The latter two are on basic and both feel fast and both have 90 something acceleration without chemistry.  The way you can tell is when your opponent is on the ball and you are just chasing down.  Perisic feels and looks about the same speed as Parolo who I have on Basic which gives Parolo 73 accelerations and 74 sprint speed.  Are EA for real?  The acceleration boost on Perisic quite clearly doesn't take and he's still 81.


    I wish you could re-sell chemistry cards as I'd sell all my Hunter cards.


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    I'm sstruggling now too. I'm not sure what's different but I can't create on SBs, the AI blocks every shot, makes a last minute tackle or just shoved me off the ball.  


    I'm struggling online too.  I'm barely getting time for online with SB being an everyday thing.  I've played 7 season games won 6 drawn 1 and I've played about 12 games in the dkt since release! I'm probably about 7-5 in those.


    I've played my nephew a few times and it's probably 5-4 to me (though you don't know as friendly seasons is still broken).


    My nephew won the dkt last night whereas i couldn't get part the quarters.


    I just feel like too much is random and what isn't I feel like I'm on rails.



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    Do chemistry cards work?

    Do they work some of the time?

    I'm sure Basic works better than anything.  I see so many teams with all or most players on Basic and they outperform my players every time.


    An example last night was where I had Willian as a RF with Hunter chem and my opponent had Baines as LB on Basic.  Willian with Hunter has 99 acceleration and 96 sprint speed with 62 strength.  And Baines on Basic has 73 acceleration and 68 sprint speed with 64 strength.  How is it that Baines had Willian in his pocket all game?  I could not outrun him.  That's ridiculous.


    I was beginning to think Basic was best right at the end of 17 and never got around to experimenting with sticking people like Ron on Basic and see if he outperformed chemistry cards.

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    I hate this year now compared to last year.


    There are SO many random animations that are absolutely ruining it.  You can't predict when your player decides to do half the stuff they do.


    Against he CPU at least the game is fucking cheating.  It doesn't execute your commands some of the time as part of the difficulty, they can't do that!


    For example, you press for a lobbed through ball and it does one along the ground.  I've noticed loads of times in SB that you can clearly see a golden opening but the CPU finds a way to stop it happening.  Your ST is running between their CB's just inside their half so you play the through ball, he's clean through on goal right?  No he runs towards their player, slows down and tries to hide behind him.  Hang on, a split second before I played the ball he was sprinting perfectly between the defenders!


    And why is it, that if you want a player to make a run they either just won't make a run (even if you're pressing LB) or they stop the run just as you play the ball.  And then if you want to play the ball to feet they go the wrong side so it either goes straight to the defenders feet or the ref blows for offside.  This must happen 10+ times per game and drives me mad.


    There's loads more to complain about.


    At the moment I just feel like every game is the same and you can't do much playing legit.


    You have to use some sort of exploit to win.

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    I like 4321 so was thinking of having him in the  middle of Pogs and Herrera but you have to have pace in that formation.


    If I go 4231 then I'd have to put Pog as a CAM as Herrera is a box to box CM but his finishing is awful and they took away his 4* skills this year.


    I don't know whether to leave Matic or Herrera out and have Pog alongside whichever one I prefer and Ibra as the CAM.


    I already have Valencia, Bailly, Smalling, Shaw, Herrera, Martial and Rashford and 800k+ coins.  I'm waiting for a price drop to get Lukaku and Pogba.


    I'd love either Hazard or Eriksen for my B Team though.


    I'm trying to be patient and carry on grinding my coins till I can afford the lot.

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    posted a message on Market
    Quote from TioLeo1 >>
    Quote from blue_eddie >>
    On another note, yes I picked up Hernandez OTW, I loved his TOTS Silver card last year and I have a suspicion he might get an IF.
    Outside of this, I noticed Aurier is around 20k, (19k now I think). I know this is inflated because of his OTW, but his OTW was only 58k that I managed to snipe, risking 40k on a player who could become one of the better RBs in the premier league seems like a reasonable gamble as far as OTW cards go.
    He is also back from his suspension I believe, hopefully he performs Smile
    Good pick on Aurier.
    I managed to collect Hernandez (x3), Sigurdsson, Aurier, Salah and Sanchez(x2) OTW as investment.
    Also I have 4 or 5 discard price IFs, , some 84/83 NIF , and sniped 3x Pepe (86 rated) for SBCs 
    I'm happy with my team and right now I only have in mind Kante and a high profile ST (Lacazette?, Aguero maybe), so I dont have the rush to sell my investment in order to have coins 
    My Current Team  is more than enough for this stage of the game, my skills not so much.
    My pack luck is surprisingly good this year , thats help A LOT to compensate my lack of skills.
    BTW I wonder if by wednesday would I be able to afford Kante AND Laca (510k total ) If I sell OTW Salah (it's going at 350k right now and it doesn't last a second on PS4), unlikely , but will see 
     How are you finding Matic in that role?  I want to build a full Man U team but I worry about his pace.
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    posted a message on More Icons on their way?

    I can't see why they'd add any more new ones when there's tons missing from last year.

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    posted a message on Mbappe

    What's this Icon SBC people are talking about?  Is this confirmed somewhere or just somebody started a rumour?  And for when?


    I can't see why EA would give people a guaranteed top Icon.  Surely the fact that they've done the 3 versions this year is simply to get people to buy more packs.

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    posted a message on Boards

    Aren't walkouts 86+?  Just the boards from 83+?


    I actually like it  Surprised   I like to guess the player as the details are revealed and I like the excitement when the boards come out.


    I saw somebody from EA today whilst I was fishing.  I punched him in the face and threw him in the Trent and growled  "That's for scripting you astro' cunt".


    I then realised he was from the Environment Agency and was just doing some strimming.

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    posted a message on Account Banning

    Your chances of packing somebody isn't the issue.


    Having multiple accounts is cheating lol.


    We could all do it but we don't as we're not cheats.  We could all be hackers or pick pockets.


    Do you tell your missus that it's okay that you have two women as she can do it too?

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    posted a message on Low driven errors?

    It definately happens in friendly seasons as thatscwhen I found out it wasnt just me not pressing twice quick enough

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