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    When I comes to button delay it's either ea's doing as a handicap or your opponent is doing it using a glitch.  I'm becoming more convinced it's the latter as it happens part way through games n they clearly haven't got it.  

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    I played a draft last night and subbed on TOTS Hazard in min1.  It was a formation I wasn't familiar with but he wasn't on the pitch.  I don't know wtf he went lol.  When I did have him on the ball he didn't feel as good as NIF Ronaldo.  Could have been the formation or Draft's fault though.  But then again, I used NIF Hazard back in September on Draft and thought he was amazing.

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    I really don't like when they do these type of restrictions as it causes shenanigans with player performance 

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    I've been facing silver cms and full backs and they're making my toty messi look slow n shit when he normally outruns anybody n skips round top defenders.

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    And the ref's still clashing with players' kits and the kit screen still showing a different kit to what they have picked...

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    Watch out for this again Sad  I'm assuming it's since the new patch.


    I've only had 4 attempts at the DKT this week and I've had two disconnect losses out of four!


    I've reported them both so hopefully they'll get an account ban or something.


    In the first one it was the semi final and I had my 7mil team out.  I had really bad button delay and my opponent clearly didn't.  He managed to score 4 easy goals and was 4-0 up and was playing like a dick.  I pulled one back and then got a second off a corner.  The button delay seemed to have decreased which makes me even more convinced that your opponent can cause it on purpose.  4-0 up so he stopped the lag cheat possibly?  I somehow managed to get a 3rd and then the button delay returned.  I now was on all guns blazing for an equaliser and managed it.  During ET the game was very laggy again but in the last couple of mins I broke from his corner/free kick or something and I played a ball over the top and Suarez was 10 yards ahead of his defence.  Just as I was cutting into the box I got disconnected.  Cheating git!  Perhaps he didn't know I'd get a disc loss and simply tried to deprive me of a win?


    Then this morning I was in the second round and was all over a guy at 3-1.  I hit the bar and as it came out to my player who looked like scoring I got another disc loss!


    Both times I didn't lose my connection to EA's server and was simply returned to the menu.

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    If he won a game out of 3 against Gorilla wouldn't that make him world class?


    I got the impression Gorilla is one of the best in the world so to actually beat him one time out of 3 games makes you super elite doesn't it?

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    What people think is scripting/handicapping/momentum or whatever is just random bs that happens.


    I had a game where Bailly outpaced my TOTY Messi everytime I sent him down the line but then in the next game Messi could outrun their fast full back whilst on the ball.


    Either it's just random glitches or there's some complex emotions thing going on that affects individual and/or teams' performances for a short time or for the whole game.


    Or it could just be faulty stamina application which I think it is sometimes and sometimes it might be this and not even button delay.


    Whatever it is you just have to ignore it and keep your concentration.

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    Well, I posted a clip in the scripting thread last week where my Eric Bailly scored under AI control so I'm sure it happens at times.


    Sometimes though it may just be that the player had pressed shoot well before the ball arrived (as you often have to in order to beat button lag) and even if the ball takes a deflection as long as it goes near the player he can hit it first time.


    I scored a goal last night where I played a player through just inside the 18 yard box.  I pressed the buttons to shoot it before he received the ball as I predicted what would happen and was getting ahead of the button delay.  My player took a couple of touches first and still scored but shot it nowhere near where I had aimed.  If I'd waited to receive the ball I'm certain the GK would have smothered it before I got the shot off.


    I'm very good at winning headers when there's no predetermination involved and I do this by pressing quite early.

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    Quote from blue_eddie >>

    I really didn't enjoy weekend league this weekend. I usually am happy to tolerate it and enjoy at least some of it.


    I was pushed for time, i didn't play all the games, it seemed to take longer than ever hitting 'gold3' - I was just relieved and just gave up at that point. I only wanted to do that in case I didn't have time to qualify this week and I have a team with a top rate silver for the requirements that are coming this weekend.


    I had the same team I used last week and achieved 26 wins.

    I ended up on 18 wins with 7 games left this weekend just gone.


    I actually experienced the worst gameplay I've ever had in my life, in any game.

    This 'slow gameplay' which is often talked about hit its absolute peak last night. A number of games played well, then all players felt like they were in mud, I rarely get players booked, but due to the delay I ended up wih 5 bookings in one game, which is probably a record for me.

    Everything was slow, everything I did was 2 seconds behind the actual game that was being played.


    I think because I still hadn't hit 'gold3' by Sunday, I ended up playing against more people with poor teams and poor connections.

    Which meant there was definitely some form of 'leveling' to make the game close.


    I actually cannot stand Smalling now.

    Use of Smalling appeared to have dwindled, or he felt less effective, but the last 10 games I played yesterday, crickey! Ronaldo, POTM2 Alli 89, POTM Alli, none of them could go past him, no one! POTY Kante, all struggled.

    His positional sense was phonomenal, I do agree - the card is totally glitched. He is like a giant on that pitch, anyway, we all knew this before, so I won't vent about him further.


    That Peres card is equally amazing as Smalling... Ronaldo gets outdone by Peres LOTS. Peres is a monster card considering his stats.


    At the start of Fifa, at least there are 2-3 weeks were people don't know about the 'glitched cards' - yet once discovered, they are there for the whole year.


    If Smalling goes to a smaller club, he won't be OP in Fifa18, not that he will be OP anyway, I doubt he will even get an 84 rated card TBH.


    To conclude, there is no way the rubbish that goes on has improved, it just 'comes and goes'.

    At some point it will be back with vengeance for sure.


     My experience is very similar to this most weeks but this week was the worst in several weeks.  I was actually hitting the sofa and swearing in anger at some of the shit that happened in some games.  My Wife and kids are away next weekend so despite working all three days I should have enough time to play all 40 so I needed to make sure I qualified in case I don't have time for the DKT.
    Most weeks I get 18 wins with about 10 games left and I 90% of the time just stop there if I can't reach Elite.  Sometimes I'll play one or two more if I've finished them early.  This week I had shit loads of ET and Pens and due to some of the worst bs I've witnessed it took me 37 fucking games to get 18 wins lol.  I was 13-9 when I started sunday night at 11pm.  I'd already had 5 or 6 losses due to delay and one or two to bullshit but then on Sunday night after winning my first game I lost 9 in a row lol.  I witnessed some incredible EAids.
    It's nights like this that make me wonder why I bother.  The game is so dodgy at times and I'm a very unlucky person in life in general so I honestly can't see me ever getting Elite so I might as well stop self harming by playing the WL.
    I've experimented with different teams and bronze benches etc. and I don't think anything works.  It's just random and that guy with the one silver player induces a reaction when bs happens and is then able to beat a better player who lost his concentration.  Most of the time when you come up against an off chem team or one with a bronze, silver or some non rares etc. you thrash them and they rage quit and it's the same with ratings.
    I kept a record of all my games last month and team ratings of myself and my opponent didn't matter.  Neither did playing home or away or whether or not I had a bronze bench and what positions they were etc.
    The game is just badly programmed or it's just not possible yet to have a game that works correctly.  I think it's the former as there are some simple bugs/glitches that they should be able to fix.
    There's hardly any consistency to the game so trying to figure out what causes 'handicap/scripting/momentum/EAids' is essentially a waste of time and the more you think about it the worse you play. 
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    posted a message on Coming weekend league team feedback. TOTS Casemiro, TOTY Modric, TOTS Isco?

    I like TOTY Modric on the side and I use Hunter on him to give him the speed boost.  I then manually chase back and position him and he can be an animal at tackling by using aggression.  Going forward he's great which goes without saying.  I've only used this 88 Casemiro as I got him untradeable.  I've also put Hunter on him to give him the max speed boost and also because his passing and defending etc. are already very high so a boost to finishing for when the time comes I find important.  He seems to work well and I barely ever notice his pace matter in a game.  If my opponent breaks I'll switch to a fast player to chase with and make sure he stays in the CDM area by lots of right stick switching so that he's never having to actually chase anybody.  The only down side to Casemiro is that despite 'stay back whilst attacking' he often ends up on the end of a chance and I mistake him for Ronaldo if I don't check his name on the bar.  Sometimes you don't have time and I go for a finish or a skill thinking it's Ronny!


    I sometimes wonder if the OP players are only OP because we can distinguish them on the pitch easily so we always do what's right with them.  Think Ranato Sanchez, Kante, Martial, Smalling etc.  They are all very easy to distinguish on the pitch.  If all your players looked the same you'd play much worse.


     This is the team I plan on using:  https://www.futbin.com/17/squad/4682251


    The players on the bench are who the silvers have replaced.  Any recommendations for players I could use to get full chem on everybody?  It probably doens't matter too much if TOTY Messi is on 7 or 8 but I would like Fosu to be on 10 if poss.

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    I've thought about the TOTS Case at some point but 700k is a bit much when essentially all you're gaining in game is a bit of pace but he still won't be above average pace.


    All his important stats are already super high on his 88.


    I've seen many opponents using CAM's as CM's and getting away with it when they use high aggression.  Eriksen is a  perfect example of a player that defends better than most CDM's when a players is playing aggressive.  He's one of those players that is able to leap 5 yards in a flash to rob a defender to create a chance or dispossess an indecisive midfielder.


    From what I witness in the WL your tactics and play style trump players' stats and actual positions so just use whoever you like.

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    I normally either lose in the first round or win it.  It's weird that I usually face the best player first and the guy in the final is always poor but occasionally I lose if there's a lot of delay only on my side.


    So far I've won two 1st time, one 2nd and one 3rd but last week I had 3 goes at each, six in total and didn't win it.  I got a disc loss on my third attempt on Thursday night in the Semi and didn't have time for another attempt which was annoying.  I usually get two hours Tue and the same Wed and Thursday.  Most Mondays I don't get to play but those are the days I win the DKT first time if I do play which is the opposite to what I thought.


    It seems to be pot luck how good your opponent is and I wonder if you're even playing somebody who's also even in the final at times.

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    I'm pretty sure the 'win at all costs' sweaty nobs pick those shadowy stadiums and also kits that clash with the pitch, your kit and also the ref on purpose to put you off.  


    Why the FUCKING HELL do kits still clash with the ref?  How fucking hard is it to have an all black kit as default unless it clashes and then pick from any colour other than the ones the two teams are playing in.  Just last night the ref was wearing a top the same colour as my opponents shorts and socks and my opponents top was black so out of the corner of your eye the ref clashed.  For fucks sake the colour was a pinky-red!  When do ref's where that in real life?  I was in white.  Why does the game pick colours that clash with certain kits?  There's a couple of bright blue/turquoise kits that the ref always wears the same colour shirt and a couple of yellow ones too.


    Anyway, I'm sure these players pick the stadiums and kits so that you can't see properly and then they  play an aggressive game so that you can't pick your players out fast enough.  It's sweaty as fuck.


    One thing that I wonder for future FIFA's is whether or not they can just give you the distance, height and angle of camera that you choose no matter what ground you're at.  Why is it that I pick my camera options but then on some grounds I have a totally different angle or distance?  It's really off putting and another thing I think sweaty players do on purpose.


    And also the time of day and weather that you choose.  Some kits clash with the pitch in bright sunlight or reflect the light in a way that makes it hard to pick out players.

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    I had the most ridiculous sending off ever back in October so I don't have a clip but my opponent crossed into the box.  My CB did an un-challenged diving header to clear it up field and obviously landed on the floor after doing so.  A couple of seconds later my opponent's ST fell over my CB whilst he was on the floor and the ref blew for a penalty and sent my CB off!  The ball was 30 yards up the field by the time his player fell over mine.


    Another time I was on the ball and just running out of the corner of my 18 yards box and decided to hoof it clear.  My player dropped to the floor to sweep it clear for some reason and after he'd cleared it the opponent's ST fell over him from behind and again it was a red card and a  penalty!  I was on the fucking ball and his player fell over me after I was on the floor having cleared it.  If anything the opp player should have been sent off for stamping lol.


    It's a stupid fucking game and I've come to realise that it's 90% random bullshit that can happen to anybody at any time.  


    You notice it more against poor players which makes sense as if you are way better than your opponent then the only way they can possibly score is from an EAids moment.


    Sometimes I'll go 10 games without conceding a legitimate goal and I'm very solid in defence but in most games the AI will do something strange or the engine will misbehave and I'll concede some stupid goal because everybody in the WL is capable of scoring given a golden opportunity.


    Some players actually suck big time but they stick it on ultra defensive or ptb and have high aggression and then just defend and hope and wait for one of those bullshit moments to happen.  Usually these players have Martial or Musa etc. and DAB when they get their unjust goal and then time waste etc.

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