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    Quote from blue_eddie >>
    Who did you pack in MMs and Hybrid SBCs?
     I got OTW Mbappe in a pack. I think the pack was from the Hybrid SBCs. I opened it on my mobile so no walkout animation and stuff... It even took me a while to realize that this card was 650k at the time (and might even increase further). It happened so often before that I thought I got a great card only to find out that it is worth 5k lol
    Apart from this (probably once in a lifetime) packluck, I got ManCity Jesus from the MM SBC, also not bad... (about 65k). I certainly cannot complain this year so far...
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    Weekend league AND Squad Battles, that is a lot of FIFA...

    So you played 64 matches on the weekend, right? About 20 hours?


    I think the value of a player is not so easy to tell these days. Melbourne players have been worthless one day and extinct the next day.

    I guess high rated players can always be stored in the club and might come in handy for SBCs...


    I had my best pack luck so far with packs that i got from SBCs (I did most of the hybrid SBCs and also some of the marquee matchups). But I guess that is simply a coincidence.

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    posted a message on Why does squad battles suddenly suck?
    Quote from blue_eddie >>
    Quote from ManniG >>
     If you can win single player/SBs on Legendary, you must be a decent player, or know how to exploit the game!
    (This is 100% a compliment! I can managed elite3 once in Fifa17 and gold2 or more in all weekend leagues I played most of the games for and I haven't even tried 'Legendary on FUT18 yet).
    Maybe your team isn't strong enough, or you need to practice against humans more, but if you can make elite3 in Squad Battles, surely you are a good level of player, I wouldn't doubt that.
    Are you on Xbox, we can have some games if you fancy it?
    (If I ever get time outside of squad battles and weekend league, lol Smile )
    Anyway, yes - I totally see your very valid point.
    If EA makes SBs harder and all players get 'less points' then getting a higher rank requires less points I assume.
    However, I assume that certain 'top rate players' (top 100, elite finishers etc) bring the average up a lot! So the impact the 'lower players' have on the points required for ranks surely isn't that much? So in theory, worse/lower ranked placed players end up losing out (as usual).
     Thanks for the answer, yes I know it sounds weird...
    Unfortunately I am on PS4 otherwise I would be happy to play some games.

    Maybe one problem I have is that I cannot really deal with this fast & aggressive counter style that is typically played online, with OP players. Maybe I am simply too old for this (actually, I am 40+ lol) the computer is a bit more predictive in its behavior and not so agressive, which maybe suits me better, IDK. For example, if you have a free kick in your own half, you can simply pass it to one of your players. Online, I even sometimes kick it out of play deliberately because I have conceded so many goals from counters in these situations.
    You are right my teams are still bad, I basically have still two starter kind of teams from the Bundesliga and the Russian league. In the beginning I used some loan players (Ronaldo etc) but now they are used up.
    I was very lucky this year so far, I did the hybrid SBCs and pulled OTW Mbappe from the packs (he is my super sub now). Also, I did the Marquee Matchups  (I already had one Melbourne player so I just needed one more for 10k) and pulled Jesus from Man City (I will wait for the next POTM, hoping it will be Aguero and that Jesus increases in price, I might be wrong though). But now I am faced with the typical dilemma of FUT in the beginning, buy a nice team now or wait for prices to drop. I think I could keep the shitty starter teams in Squad Battles but not if I wanted to achieve something online.
    Anyway, sorry for the bla bla :-)
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    Quote from blue_eddie >>

    I assume EA have done this deliberately as the rewards are 'too easy to obtain' lol.

    You don't get anything for free or an 'easy ride' in the FUT world that's for sure.


    I am ultra annoyed with this game mode, not only do I struggle to get the games in, but since it became harder I play 85% of games on 'Professional' again, whereas I used to venture into 'World Class' against weaker teams.


    So I'm trying to get a batch of games in last night... I see a team with some bronze players, some non rare golds and like 50 chemistry, perfect candidate to play on 'world class' to rack up some easy additional squad battle points.

    I start the game, take the lead, totally dominate, am absolutely slaughtering the CPU/AI and am in store for tons of points, I get to 60th odd minute and I get disconnected from the servers.


    My internet connection is fine, nothing has dropped out, test it on my laptop within seconds, perfect, no problem at all.

    I immediately reconnect to EA's servers, - yes - 3-0 loss with 0 points.

    What a waste of time, no points, game wasted.

    Don't think I can be bothered trying to get elite with SB's anymore - last week I played most of the games at the weekend as well as FUT Champs, I won't be doing that again just for an extra 10k and some better packs. I'll just play in the week to secure a 'gold finish'.


    The novelty has worn off, SB's is too stressful and is boring when the CPU just 'turns in circles' passing it about.

    I think I prefer the intensity of FUT Champs, maybe I will retract this statement, but I play the game to test myself against 'real people' rather than the AI.

    SB's is great to grind coins and to build a team and hopefully get pack luck, but for all the effort, the rewards aren't 'that much' better than online divisions are they?

    Which you can play at your absolute leisure.


    I'm done moaning about it now Smile Thanks for reading (if you made it to the end :D)

     I played the full Squad Battles last week, which was probably just before the Patch.
    I enjoyed it and I managed to get Elite 3, mostly on Pro and some on Legendary (I skip World Class because I think WC is more difficult than Legend for some reason).
    I did not start  a campaign this week because I do not have enough time (did some SBCs and stuff...)
    Anyway, it would be a massive disappointment for me if Squad Battles would suck now. Because I just can't get anywhere online. I can't even manage to qualify for the weekend league and would probably win 5 out of 40 games if I did, completely frustrating. I even just managed to get to online Div9, needed all games in Div 10 to get 10 points, that's how shit I am!! So Squad Battles is my mode.
    What I don't get is, the SB ranks are based on percentiles. So making the game more difficult for everyone will not really change your rank, as everybody suffers. So if EAs motivation is to make getting the rewards harder, it would not really make sense...
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    posted a message on Can't decide whether to buy 18 or not.

    I have pre-ordered 18.

    My biggest hope is this new offline mode.

    I am not a good player, but I think this increases the frustration. Not because of losing to better players (I do not have a problem with this).

    But because you lose the fight against the BS so often. I must have spent hours of circulating the ball around a completely crowded box, like in a game of handball. Only to concede then after a stupid 2 pass counter.

    I guess it is "if you can't beat them join them" but for some reason I am not able to adapt to this PTB/Counter bullshit tactics.

    I reached division two some weeks ago, and this was kind of my goal for this year. Am I happy? Not really. Because reaching this goal was not a constant improvement, it was a rollercoaster. 2 Divisions up, 3 down, etc etc winning streak after losing streak after winning... And you never know why, opponents seem to be almost the same person every time.

    I didn't even bother to play in div2. because I know what would have happened, and I just do not have the motivation and energy for this shit anymore.


    So I am really hoping for this new offline mode, and I might also enjoy the stuff like SBCs and challenges and so on.

    then I could bear some online adventures and not care too much about the results.

    But my feeling is the day might come next year that I simply lose interest in this game. I know, it doesn't sound very convincing...

    Anywa, 17 is over for me now I won't touch it anymore. And knowing EA, hopes for 18 exist but seem naive.

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    posted a message on Gameplay over the last few weeks feel like im going crazy

    Voted no, because it did not get worse. It was shit on and off the whole year.

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    posted a message on FUT18 Live!!

    To be quite honest that sounds a bit complicated...

    You should consider that the average FUT player is, eh, not always the brightest candle on the cake (not sure if you have this phrase in English)...


    I am really looking forward to those offline challenges. If the offline gameplay is improved, that could be my mode. I might play some online (Divisions or DKTs) but with less focus as well, but not really competitive.



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    posted a message on OTW DKT player
    Quote from Seki >>

    I never bronze bench and it does not matter one bit. The game can be atrociuous some times, but it's all up to the EA Servers, not your team. My 90 rated teams win the DKT quite easily every time I play them.

     Hey, I was already worried that something happened to you, long time no see ;-)

    Or did you have great gameplay recently and nothing to complain about?


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    posted a message on Can anyone explain why??

    well, the defender who wants to clear it actually wants to control the ball instead of smashing it into the crowd. Due to a poor first touch he plays it against the post and then it bounces to a striker who taps it in...no...wait its offside !?!


    Typical FIFA 17 gameplay I'd say. Endless sequences of random bullshit.


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    posted a message on Scripting Thread
    Quote from lemagista >>

    Can anyone fill me in on this scripting? People seem convinced that the game isn't fair but did EA sports confirm it or is it just a rumor?

     Read through this thread. Or play the game.
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    Well I think there is nothing wrong with being buzzing for a good game... It's part of the fun!

    I think FIFA is still nothing compared to "The Last Of Us 2", where every fart from this guy (forgot his name now... Neil Druckmann) is analyzed in-depth on youtube. Or GTA 6 etc...


    Yeah I still expect some of them (or maybe Beckenbauer). I've got the Lahm SBC card and he is great for me. Maybe he could re-appear as an icon.
    But I don't think I will be able to afford an icon anyway Sad

    Don't get me wrong I think the selection of the icons is reasonable so far, they have all been great players at their time.

    Especially Thierry Henry is very popular not only in France and among Arsenal fans. Maybe not in Ireland though ;-)


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    posted a message on FUT18 Live!!

     I also watched it.

    I am kind of undecided actually.

    I do hate EA passionately for all the BS and momentum, and also their arrogance.

    And the amount of times they said "I'm so excited about this..." (I kcan't help this makes me want to punch them...)


    But I must say that some things yesterday did make me looking forward to FIFA 18.


    One thing I liked actually is that new offline challenge, and they said that you can also get some good rewards from it

    Whether this is fun or not depends on whether they also improve the offline gameplay in general, but I will definitely give it a go.

    I also must say I kind of liked the guy who seems to be responsible for the SBCs. Kind of a nerdy type, you can imagine him sitting in some dark office giggling while working out clever puzzles, someone who enjoys maths riddles and stuff like this. Not the usual EA show off type.

    Generally it seems that they go more into the direction that you can get rewards for all sorts of challenges, not only for winning tournaments. And maybe the importance of the transfer market is reduced a bit because there are more and more other ways to get players. This could make the whole game more interesting for mediocre players like myself.


    I was also a bit disappointed that they did not announce changes to the WL as the current format is unplayable for me so in 17 the only mode for me was Divisions. But maybe there is more to come.


    One last thing... there was not one single German Icon announced... We are playing FIFA too, you know ;-)

    And we won the World Cup 4 times so there should be some candidates !!


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    posted a message on My first try at Daily Knockout...

    I was in the WL for the first time last weekend.

    I better not share my results lol.


    But I can say it was the first and last time in 17, I am back to Divisions (managed to stay in Div3 now and trying to get to Div2).


    I have no idea where ppl find the time to play this every weekend.

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    posted a message on Question for People That Have Been Able to Improve on Skill Moves
    Quote from fifanoob1022 >>

    So I have already given up on Fifa 17, just been playing the game offline and see if I can improve my skills especially skill moves/dribbling. I know almost every popular skill move but find it hard to effectively execute within a game. My most effective move has to be berba spin, skill dribble and fake shot. Sooo any tips for me? Is offline games a good game mode for me to practice this. I don't like the arena because of the angles and stuff and also I can do everything there but still during agame I cannnot do much.



     I would suggest to check out Boras Legend's channel on Youtube, if you haven't done yet He has some good videos about skill moves.
    Of course there are many other Youtubers but I think he is among the best.
    Also keep in mind that EA announced major changes regarding dribbling in 18. Whatever that means. But you might waste your time in case they do make significant changes.
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    posted a message on Question for People That Have Been Able to Improve on Skill Moves
    Quote from tacticsdude >>

    Offline mode is a bad place to practice skill moves because the AI is broken and the skills don't work against it. You have to time them to perfection, way more than you would against a human, and even then its hit or miss.


    You should definitely practice offline until you feel you can execute moves with confidence and timing them right, but don't judge your success by getting past the offline defenders. Once you feel in control, take your skills online.


    In the same vein, you have to get used to seeing if the defender is controlled by a person or AI, because even online if the player hangs back and sends an AI defender against you, the skill moves won't work, same as offline. So pay attention to the player movement and use skills against humans and other tactics against AI.

     Do you know what works best against the AI?
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