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    posted a message on who will win the LW futties vote? Because if Sterling wins will he have the same as his SBC RWcard

    It's a good point you make, I assume it will end up as an 86 rated LM/LW/LF card Smile


    E.G. Leroy Sane - Man City. He has a basic card that is 79, a MOTM card that is 82 and his Futties card is 85.

    I assume IF Sterling wins the award, surely his cards will be like this?


    NIF - 82

    POTM - 84

    Futties card - 86


    Bear in mind the POTM card is a 'position change' too, so his Futties card could have the original position? LM/LW/LF?


    (I am a little sceptical of him getting the award as I assume he will get less votes..... many people may not vote for him if they already have his POTM card, especially now they can get it at the moment as the SBC is back).


    However, if Sterling does get a pink Futties card and it is 86 rated (for special cards, an 84 card will jump to 86 usually).


    This could be a pretty good card and has a link to Gerrard (only a weak one, but a link is a link at the end of the day).


    The only other 'English' option at LM/LW/LF is Scott Sinclair of Scottish premiership, yes this TOTS card will probably be better than any potential Futties Sterling card as it is 89 rated, but both have 2 star weak foot.

    Sterling is of course the only LM/LW/LF that links to Gerrard and premier league players, so he could end up quite popular, if they do give him an RM/RW/RF card, he won't be much better than Walcott's special cards IMO - mainly down to the 'weak foot' Confused


    Will be interesting to see how it pans out.

    I assume he will win it, as all premier league cards have won so far. Which is pretty boring and very predictable, but that's FUT I guess.

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    posted a message on What about these two red lines? Does it matter anyways?
    Quote from sludgepipe >>
    Quote from Justice4Barb >>

    Say you've got 100 chem for your squad with a manager. But not everyones on 10 chem so say you've got a LF at ST on 6-7 chem will he play worse than if he had 10 them despite the squads overall chem being 100?


    Also say a player like a LM is at LW even with 10 chemistry etc. will he play out of position slightly? So ultimately even with chemistry aside because your playing a LM at LW will he not position properly, or like a CAM at CM etc? So what I'm really asking does a player have to have correct positioning to play properly at his allocated position, even with full them does it effect his position an how well he plays there?

     Your first point for me yes they will play worse if on 6-7 chem. some people don't notice it or say it makes no difference, for me they are less explosive and feel more dumbed down, maybe it's because you cannot feel the chemistry style fully, a hunter on an attacking player makes a difference. 
    Correct positioning makes no difference if they are still on 10 chem. my 89 Son is a LF currently playing LW but he's on 10 and there's no difference. Only reason for changing it is so it looks neater with all green positions or if you've got OCD!
     I won't generally run people 'off chem' as they won't get the maximum stat boost from a chemistry style.
    I love the way EA do chemistry if I am honest, it is enjoyable to build hybrids with 'green links' to counterbalance red 'links'. With Perfect links an excellent way to fit some special cards in and keep them on 10 chemistry even when in a widely varied hybrid.
    However, with certain players, I think the additional stats will never be noticed.
    E.G. To start with, I ran a starting line-up with TOTS Lacazette at ST position and untradeable TOTS Dembele (Dortmund) at RF.
    I ran NIF Martial at LF to give Lacazette 10 chemistry and used to bring 89 Son on at half time.
    If I run 89 Son in my starting line up instead of Martial at LF, the only player who isn't on 10 chemistry is TOTS Lacazette (he ends up on 8 with loyalty and manager bonus).
    I then looked at FUTHEAD and realised TOTS Lacazette's stats are so high and putting 'Hawk' chem style on him actually wastes some points as they go past 99 with 10 chemistry.
    On 10 chemistry with 'Hawk' chem style - TOTS Lacazette gets +3 pace, +2 shooting and +4 physical - his pace and shooting are max'ed out at 99 and his physucal ends on 90.
    With 'Hawk' and 8 chemistry he gets: +3 pace, +1 shooting and +4 physical.
    So without looking at 'specific sub stats' underneath the 'core 6 stat types' - he only loses 1 shooting from being on 8 chemistry.
    On this basis, I am happy to run 89 Son over 82 Martial even though it costs TOTS Lacazette 2 chemistry (on 8 instead of 10).
    This one shooting stat will make far less difference than running an 82 card instead of an 89 card.
    I have run TOTS Lacazette on 8 chemistry for at least 8 games and haven't noticed any difference.
    Also, looking at my second team, I was worried about running TOTS Hamsik on 8 chemistry.
    However - if I am honest, again, his stats are so high - 2 chemistry doesn't make a huge difference on a 94 rated card.
    Don't get me wrong - I don't think I'd like to run any player on less than 8 chemistry, but many people say 8 chemistry is 'enough' - certainly for the best cards in the game, I couldn't disagree'.
    Before now, I am honest, I would never have run any players on less than 10 chemistry, but I have seen a lot of teams recently where a player has top drawer players and most aren't on 10 chemistry, but they still perform pretty well in game.
    Looking even more at this on FUTHEAD calculations...4 chemistry gives the player almost no bonus to stats, but obviously isn't 'negative'.
    So any 90+ rated TOTS player, even on 4 chemistry should perform, as they will perform as per 'basic stats' on the card with no bonuses.
    As soon as you hit 7 or 8 chemistry, it is a pretty decent bonus. This is why I think Ronaldo and Son are so good at ST, even though their LF cards are 'off chemistry' on 7 chem total at striker
    Basic NIF Ronaldo on 7 chemistry with 'engine' applied (I used to run him with 'engine' as it helps his worst attribute - which is balance), still gives him totals of:
    96 Pace
    96 Dribbling
    85 Passing
    These along with the card's base stats of:
    92 Shooting
    80 Physical
    Is definitely 'enough' - I mean any striker with stats this high is plenty good enough, especially on the NIF card.
    This has made me wonder why I never ran Ronaldo NIF LF card at ST position, I think I did a bit, he had some bad games and went missing in a lot of games, so I refused to play him 'off chemistry'.
    I found him pretty effective at LF or LW in  different formations, so maybe I was happy enough with him anyway.
    Thanks for the post, despite not really being able to help much (As the others have already covered this), despite how in-depth my investigation is into stats and what chemistry styles to use, I hadn't really given this much thought to running players off chemistry, so this post has been really helpful for me. Thanks folks.
    Any advice I've ever read about chemistry always recommends to run players on 7 chemistry or more, looking at specific gains, I now understand this, better than ever.
    It is important to have a player on 7 chemistry, but if their card is already amazing, the difference between 7 and 10 probably isn't that much, especially on Ronaldo as he is such an amazing all round card for his position.
    (maybe this is obvious, he has always been the best card in the game, but this reinforces this a lot more).
    I wonder if he will be 'quite as effective' in FUT18, probably will, but I think his pace might be taking a dip to 90 :O
    With 'running styles' being included, I am sure Ronaldo's running style will be ridiculously OP and no one else will really have the same running style as Ronaldo, as it is pretty unique to him, so probably any stats of his that are slightly reduced will have no impact on his performance whatsoever.
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    posted a message on Daily Knockout Tournament
    Quote from MJELEB >>

    When I've done it I just went on chat and said somebody just used a disconnect glitch against me and they offered me qualification and gave me a link to repirt them.

     Lol, I obviously take the absolute longest possible route to do everything, including lengthy forum posts.
    I probably bore the advisor so much they offer me a default qualification for weekend league, just to get rid of me Smile w/ teeth
    :D Smile w/ teeth Smile w/ teeth
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    posted a message on Daily Knockout Tournament


    Try and go into depth about issues, advise it isn't good enough, be polite but firm.

    Maybe throw in a sob story about how much time you put in (and money if you do buy Fifa points, which I can never claim as I don't buy Fifa points) and how much effort, to then get stitched up with a disconnection.


    The fact you love the game mode and just want to enjoy the product they provide.

    If the advisor cannot resolve it and ends the chat, just go back into the existing ticket, I think after contacting them 5 times, I've only ever had 2 tickets.


    I think if the same ticket doesn't get resolved after 2-3 amounts of contact, it may get 'elevated' to higher support.

    A lot of time I am sure the advisor used to 'check with their superior person' on what they could do to help.

    They is when they'd offer 'one time Weekend League' qualification.


    Generally in 'service industries' for support, usually IT related.


    You get:


    1st line - basic staff who pick up the phone, log queries/issues into the database/logging software and re-assign to the correct team (log and flog is a common term.

    First line should try and resolve issues if possible at 'first point of contact'.


    2nd line - Next staff level who should pursue the issue further with the customer/client - maybe contacting someone back about an issue they've logged and go into more depth than 1st line.


    If 2nd line cannot resolve it, it gets elevated to 3rd line, which should be a very experienced and knowledgeable member of staff who is more technical and can help to a better level than the above two. Only major issues should go to them, also if an issue happens repeatedly, 3rd line should look for patterns and 'more broad' fixes to prevent repeat calls and similar issues cropping up again.

    That's a very simple explanation, arguably it is different at different companies, but that should be the basics.


    Obviously not included 'problem management' or anything like that - as I have no idea how it works at EA, along with the techs who must get involved at some point, probably for major issues and outages etc. Stuff definitely not affecting 'single accounts'.



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    posted a message on Can anyone please gift me a name changer? I beg you
    Quote from sludgepipe >>

    I've just played someone that called their team "IamABellEnd" that's not you is it? Lol

    If you already had that name, surely you wouldn't want a name change would you?
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    posted a message on How is futties Smalling for you?
    Quote from tacticsdude >>

    2 things:

    I'd really love to figure out this mega AI defending you guys talk about. When I let my AI CBs take the lead, they get goofy and gappy and let the attackers walk right in. So I'm constantly defending directly and fighting for every yard of space.


    AI Balance:

    Maybe this is naive or part of the PES culture, but I never worried about the AI when playing PES. Things just feel natural (except when the engine is going into BS mode, but that's blatant and another topic.) I think it has to do with requiring that you do the defending.


    I think the issue is the auto-tackle. In PES, if you bring out an AI defender, he will track the attacker to mark him and close him down, but he won't tackle just track, so as a human player if you want to tackle you have to switch to the defender. I think that's a fair balance that allows you to defend with multiple players without making the AI part of your defensive front line.


    The other issue is the OP interceptions. In FUT interceptions (and recovering from bad defensive positioning) is way OP, and when you couple that with AI defending that auto-tackles, it means you can let Kante control the midfield simply by calling him out and staying out of the way - he will track players, tackle them, and steal/intercept any ball that goes within 10 feet of him. That's madness. Why would FIFA design a system in which AI players play all by themselves?

     Last sentence, maybe I am being a little 'conspriacy theorist here' - but....
    If they give the AI this ridiculous OP defending as a default behaviour, if they want to amend it/add in some errors/mistakes to it, then effectively it is easier to manipulate the gamplay without people being able to prove it. As changes to the 'CPU/AI OP defending' are just considered as 'emotional random events' or 'mistakes' programmed in.
    If there is never any consistency, you can never prove what 'should be normal behaviour'.
     I think this allows Fifa to 'share out the wins' a bit more, so 'good human payers' with mega teams won't end elite every weekend. As the AI behaviour is OP with ANY PLAYER.
    E.G. You can have a cheap squad and the AI is still amazing.
    I don't notice the AI being 'any more amazing' when it is controlling a mega team full of players compared to a budget squad.
    (Maybe there is a little difference, but when the AI is controlling a player, that player seems to play a lot better than their stats, e.g. a player with 60 pace is actually catching one up with 90 pace, including taking chem styles into account).
    Can I tell the difference between the CPU/AI controlling Legend Blanc compared to Smalling, or Bailly, or even Ryan Shawcross, Hummels (very slow) - I don't think I can if I am honest.
    If this is the case, then it goes to show the team isn't that much superior when if it is worth 4 million coins compared to 100k, because as we know, the human player can only control one in game player at any one time (apart from calling them for one two's to press and close down, which are fairly small-ish actions in the game).
    I guess all things considered, this AI/CPU behavious is proved very thoroughly with goalkeepers.
    They all play very similar, because the AI/CPU controls them.
    I'd never thought about this 'to this level' before - I almost wish I hadn't.
    It makes me feel my mega team is kind of pointless and not worth spending the time to build Sad
    EA have messed up a bit this year, AI is too OP - so it makes the importance/cost of your players and level of them out of the picture a lot more.
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    posted a message on Daily Knockout Tournament
    Quote from MickyPain >>
    Quote from MJELEB >>

    I've been on chat about 3 times in total to complain about disconnects and all three times they've offered me weekend qualification but I was already qualified each time so they gave me a couple of free, untradeable gold packs.

     How the hell do you do that?
    I'm now at the point where I record every match, and even when showing them video proof of a disconnect, while winning, in the final, they refuse to even acknowledge that they can qualify you
     You have to get through to '3rd line' - the basic advisors don't really know anything I don't think.
    I opened an incident and kept pushing with them on it, three different occasions. They said they'd offer a 'an exception one time only' qualification, this was before Christmas.

    Yet when I've been in touch about this since then.... they have offered me it again (more recently, a month or so ago), but I am always already qualified these days.
    Have had 2xpremium untradeable gold packs on two occasions 'just for inconvenience'.
    I packed an IF in one of them lol Smile
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    posted a message on Non Loan Recyled SBCs. Is anyone doing them? Purple Hazard VS POTM2/89 Son.
    Quote from jacobta >>

    I was going to do Shaw for my 2nd team, but his price will be too high with the cost of an 84/83 rated cards at the moment
    Decision on whether to do Gerrard or not will come down to requirements tomorrow, I have everything I believe will be required, if the prices shoot up I might just cash in

    When you talk about 'cashing in' - are there any players you have your eye on that you could upgrade in your team if you cashed in a lot?
    Coins don't mean a great deal in the game now, but then again, nothing means anything really.
    We can't carry any of it over to FUT18, so even collecting the Pink Futties winners feels a bit pointless. After FUT18 comes out, I will probably never launch/open the FIFA17 game ever again.
    Well, it is interesting if Shaw does win, as the best LB to actually link to Gerrard is obviously Mr Perfect Link FUT Birthday Ashley Cole, however, if you want an 'All English' side to link to Gerrard, you could go for IF Milner (still a bit slow), or the cheapest option could be Pink Shaw - but as he is an 80 NIF card, he won't go up much.
    I guess you could argue the same for the Spurs LB - Danny Rose winning and he is 81, so he could end up as 84 rated.
    I wonder if Gerrard could affect how people vote and who actually does these SBCs.
    I had a lot of respect for Gerrard as a player and his ability. I want his card and already have Ashley Cole in the club ready to perfect link to him in 2nd team, so will definitely want him.
    I think Gerrard will be the better card out of Gerrard and Lampard, just on the basis that Gerrard's NIF card is better in pretty much every stat (pace included), have to wait and see though, this means Gerrard's will be the harder SBC to complete I assume.
    I wonder if EA will mix it up with an English IF card required for the SBC or not, or even a TOTKS or TOTGS card. As they have been win-able cards in DKT this week. I suppose Marquee Match Up SBCs will have a prize that can be used too.
    I have a feeling TOTKS/TOTGS will be skipped again and not needed, I packed a tradeable Danni Alves from this, so probably should sell him, but can't risk it, as I won't want to have to buy him back, could have sold him for 80k when I won him, then he went down to 50k, now he is back up to 70k, this is within 3-4 days, the market is so volatile with cards and prices.
    I managed to pack FUT Birthday Ogbonna from 'loyal lads' SBC, so hopefully he will be useful in the SBCs that come out on Friday.
    If EA 'follow suit' with requirements, there will be a scream player as a reward for Marquee Match Ups again today.
    I also purchased 3 TOTS players for the Gerrard challenge, I have a feeling it is going to be a hard SBC.
    TOTS Players are gradually becoming extinct though, I wonder if EA will use a slightly different requirement (I am hoping I can use my League SBC cards... Higuain, Lewandowski, maybe Suarez) for these next EOAE SBCs...
    Will be interesting to find out.
    Wasn't sure about continuing FUT Champs this long, but have been fairly glad I have, as it allows me to afford these SBC players I may use for the odd 20 games lol Smile
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    posted a message on Non Loan Recyled SBCs. Is anyone doing them? Purple Hazard VS POTM2/89 Son.

    EA have done pretty well to drain the market/game of cards and increase the value of cards as they become rarer.

    Most of us all used our untradeable cards for TOTS SBCs.


    Also, this makes the relatively 'worthless' (compared to earlier in the game) TOTW/special card rewards from weekly rewards actually worth something again.

    E.G. FUT Champs is now the only 'real source' of gold TOTW cards (as there are only two gold IF cards for this week's TOTW.


    The problem I think now is, surely people aren't buying packs, due to how late the game is in the 'cycle' - so the more SBCs are released, the more cards will go up in price.


    Along with Futties needing 82/83/84 rated cards, the market really is being drained more than ever (or more than recent times).


    I wanted to do all the futties challenges, but I may not bother. I bought a few Xhkaka cards when they were 6k, they are now 9k each, this is remarkable.

    I did Smalling and Butland Futties winners (plus all other nominees).


    I use Smalling, I have no regrets about doing him at all.

    However, Butland, I may never use (especially as Smalling is now in my first team, the original idea was to have pink Smalling in my 2nd team with a strong link to pink Butland).


    Reviews on Sane haven't been good, he doesn't really fit my team, I have left my decision until after FUT Champs weekly rewards to see if I want to do his challenge or not. If I commit to 'doing them all' it will probably end up costing 200k or something ridiculous at this rate.


    I am just wondering if there will be an SBC at the end of Futties... e.g. for people who did all Futties SBCs and have all the winner cards, they can put them into an SBC for a 'super Futties card' - This is very unlikely.... Smile

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    posted a message on Non Loan Recyled SBCs. Is anyone doing them? Purple Hazard VS POTM2/89 Son.

    So I've seen all these pop up yesterday.

    All permanent 'non loan' cards.

    Tons of the FUTMAS ones (Fernandinho/Modric/De Rossi/Dembele [Spurs] etc etc).

    Also POTM one's - E.G. Hazard and Sterling.


    To be honest, these cards were 'top rate' back in the day of course, but they are not so good now compared to TOTS.

    However, due to the requirements, if you have a ton of 'useless untradeable' red cards you can trade in for them, they could be useful.


    I've never used 'POTM Purple Hazard' - how good is he? (I would rather read people's feedback than spend time on the 'loan one' if I am honest, I value other people's feedback more than a 5 game loan lol).


    Can Purple Hazard still cut it at this stage in the game?


    E.G. I have 89 Son, is 91 Hazard better?

    I assume it is a 'no brainer' and the 'broken Son' card is better, as Son has far more superior stats, but Son's workrates are H/H and Hazard's are H/M which must be better. I suppose if you want to link with Kante/Chelsea players Hazard could be good?


    Has anyone used both 89 Son and 91 Hazard over a lot of games?


    I'll be honest, I've not seen SBC 91 Hazard for ages in opponents teams, I am assuming anyone who has 89 Son has ditched Hazard in their team for the Son card, which is why we don't see Hazard anymore?



    I think it is great EA have brought these SBCs back permanently, but I am not sure it is worth doing any of them at this stage in the game.


    Whatever happens I will of course wait for Friday to see if I want to use the rest of my red untradeables on Gerrard and Lampard first.

    (If I am honest, I don't have enough cards left to do all of them, so should wait for them all the be available to allow me to make an informed decision).


    I also assume other POTM and FUTMAS SBCs will follow next Wednesday, I believe they will repeat the whole lot now Smile



     EDIT - The POTM Sterling could be decent, for the English connection with Gerrard/Lampard when the card is released, but an 84 rated card with a 2 star WF. Seems poor by today's standards.

    Plus, if I am going to use Gerrard/Lampard, I will use FUT Birthday Ashley Cole for the 'perfect link' to Gerrard - this is on the 'left side' - so Sterling being RM is not much use unless it is an 'all English' lineup - also Theo Walcott's special cards are arguably both better than the Sterling POTM card anyway and are both pretty cheap and tradeable, so my conclusion is, these cards aren't really worthwhile anymore Confused Sad really.

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    posted a message on How is futties Smalling for you?
    Quote from ManniG >>
    He is also very effective when the CPU is in control of him (e.g. when I am NOT controlling him).
    There are a few players like this... who are great when the AI is controlling them, Pogba is an exceptional example that immediately comes to mind. Along with Kante of course, most of the time you don't even need to take control of Kante, the CPU will make the interception and you simply get him selected for you to use once he has already stolen the ball, as he is in possession, you immediately get control of him Smile
     My wish would be that they revise this in FIFA 18. Because there are blokes out there who have perfected their play style to maximum abuse of this OP AI defending. So to continue your sentence... for you to use once he has already stolen the ball, simply point the left stick towards your opponents goal, press X, and SON will be in a good position for a longshot. Meh.
     Lol, yes fair enough ending to the sentence, I've not perfected this personally at all Confused
    I agree with you, certain things in the game are too easy or too hard, or too OP.
    The problem is, EA will never get the AI and how capable it is right, the correct level is impossible to get, it is based on opinion.
    If the AI Is rubbish, the opponent will 'walk in' and get an easy goal and people moan the AI should have done more.
    If the AI is OP - then people moan it is too hard and the CPU defends for people.
    Despite it being frustrating and the game 'defends for you' a lot of the time (people often ensure they are not controlling the 'last man' - as the CPU will do a better job than the human and is less likely to lunge in and make a mistake allowing the attacker a clean run through on goal), I think it should be challenging to 'beat the defence' - e.g. you need to actually do something special/good, rather than the AI being dumbed down.
    It is difficult to 'tone it to a reasonable level' though.
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    posted a message on How is your weekend so far? I'm about to sue EA
    Quote from ih4x3du2 >>
    Quote from Tims123 >>

    I'd be amazed if auditing the code didn't bring up the blatant scripting they have programmed. They'd have to make a version of the code with the scripting removed first for it to pass the audit


    Talk about playing better players, that's fair enough, it's when the game suddenly takes over for your opponent with EAaids is where scripting comes into it and it's so obvious now.




    Exactly this, this game is just rigged, and you can expect that in a game like mario kart where it is common knowledge, but not all the behind the scene stuff in fifa that actually is competative and where a lot of money goes in and out.
     Ah, memories of 'fuming at a number of different versions of Mario Kart' are flooding back....but in a good way.
    I am sure Marikart, especially on N64, playing multiplayer with 4 total players in the same room was FAR MORE FUN than FUT Smile
    (Totally different kettle of fish, you can't really compare the two, there were tons of 'take overs on the line' a 'blue shell hits you when approaching the finishing line' blah blah, it was definitely fixed and the computer 'had to win sometimes')
    I am sure even Fifa 2000 (on the original playstation) on the hardest most, sometimes the CPU/AI would score a goal and there was NOTHING you could do to stop it, I knew a guy who literally played 6+ hours a day and could beat the game in pretty much any circumstance - he KNEW when a CPU goal was scripted. He always maintained that was the 'last ever good Fifa game' - as it was 'arcade style' - I loved arcade style games, there was scripting and dodgy stuff everyone knew about it, but because it was so obvious it didn't play with your emotions as much and was all in 'plain view' - it was all on the 'local console' so there were no connection issues etc.
    Considering we are now 17 years later, fair enough, things have progressed, but I am sure the same stuff is included, but it is either hidden a lot better, or there are more variables to stop us seeing it 'exactly how it is' and other things can be used as pretty reliable scapegoats (e.g. connection, chemistry, input delay, lag, etc etc).
    Still, as you said, this is fair enough with earlier games when no additional money is involved (no in game transactions, micro transations, Fifa points etc).
    A game was a simple purchase and there was no other outlay.
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    posted a message on GK hand pass equals to goal/opponent shot
    Quote from AbreuFTW >>
    SQuote from blue_eddie >>
    Quote from tacticsdude >>

    While on the subject, how about trying to goal-kick out to your back line? Have you noticed every other game you play against someone that is constantly harassing your back line trying to steal the ball. This happens becomes the game is idiotic about it so the odds of stealing the ball are high.


    The GK will purposefully and slowly pass the ball towards a CB that has been overlapped by a ST, and there's nothing you can do about it because from the time you issue the command to the time the ball is on its way there's like 3-5 seconds for a ST to see the situation and try to get ahead of it, while nobody on your team reacts to it, not even the CB that is supposed to receive. Any other situation CBs are cutting through STs like bulldozers through a forest, except when receiving a pass from the GK - the CB won't move, won't fight for it, and won't defend if the ball is stolen. You basically just pass the ball to the St, easy as pie, and prepare for a 1v1.


     Yes, totally know this event.
    When you do it, after issuing the command, you think 'OH NO' as you know exactly what is about to happen. The delay is ridiculous!
    Does this ever happen in real life, pretty much 'never'.
    The only thing that sometimes does happen in real life, is that an outfield player passes 'back' the GK and the ball is intercepted (Steven Gerrard did this playing for England against France in a major competition many years ago, either European Championships or World Cup, England ended up losing 2-1 I think).
    One thing about this 'GK short pass' - sometimes I do it, there is a delay, i think I've given the ball away, but the GK then kicks it to the RB or LB instead of the CB I intended it to go to (must be an angle thing). The opponent doesn't intercept this, or if he does, he is in a much worse position and not on for a 1v1 as the CB is still between the attacker and the GK. This is odd, as the game actually 'saves me' as I actually intended it to go where it would have been intercepted.
    Crazy really!
     That's something similar when you kick a ball after a foult if the referee stops the game. It's quite unfair that whereas your opponent can move you have to wait 2/3 seconds until the referee whistles. Sometimes you make the pass, the game records the pass but only start moving when the referee whistle so 90% of the time you lose the ball because of that delay. 
    It should be the same time for both, from the moment the repetition finishes, you should be able to pass the ball, otherwise you are in disadvantage.
     Totally agree.
    The more and more I think about these instances/glitches in the game, the more you realise how ridiculous some of them are.
    Goal kicks
    Free kicks
    Even throw in's (to a lesser extent maybe)
    In my opinion, YOU have possession, it should be 'harder to lose possession' than it is to retain it?
    Yet from the examples above, it is actually harder to try and retain possession than give the ball away.
    Don't get me wrong, it shouldn't be 'impossible' to give the ball away from a goal kick/free kick/throw in, but it shouldn't be 'easy' for the opponent to steal possession from either, your player has control of the next action that happens involving the ball.
    Most of the time I play ultra safe with these instances or I just hoof the ball down the other end of the field, both make it unlikely the opponent will get possession and score a cheesey goal.
    It is sad really 'quick free kicks' should be there to give the attacker advantage - not to give the opposing team a strong chance of stealing possession.
    We end up changing our play to safe guard ourselves against these bugs.
    All we can do is 'hope' they are improved in FIFA18.
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    posted a message on Daily Knockout Tournament
    Quote from sludgepipe >>
    Quote from MJELEB >>

    Gah, I've missed out on two special cards the last two weeks from being too sleepy Smile


    I made an agreement with my wife I'd not  play on a Monday and then last night I was too tired to play and it was the same last week.  I could only be bothered to play a few games at the WL and finished on a silver rank.


    I'm not wasting time and money making a team for this one with the restrictions so I guess I'll sell up and skip this weekend.  Then I go on holiday so I'll be missing two weekends in a row!


    I have a sneaky feeling that I'll snap out of the addiction in that time and realise what a bag of shit the bullshit is in the game and probably never play it again lol.

     Lol you carn't beat a bit of grief from the mrs can you, I didn't miss it while i was away but when you get back, it will be i will just have a few games and then that's it you are hooked again. I don't miss the weekend league though one bit, i have dabbled in it a little bit since i quit playing it but nothing serious. I just like to play the tournament and the online singles and divisions now...
     Too true.
    Worst part is when the Mrs goes to bed and 'an hour disappears' after intending to only play 2 games.
    Especially with penalties and whatnot going on to boot.
    I always just hope I can win the DKT on first attempt, playing just 4 games in the week plus weekend league is manageable, having 6 goes at DKT in the week is just too much Smile Stupid EA and their 'decent-ish' midweek prizes Smile
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    posted a message on When Goals are scored

    It's been removed already? Confused


    I think Sky Sports did something like this about real life goals which I found interesting recently.

    Coming back from 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0 down etc.

    Myths about a 2-0 lead being worse than a 1-0 lead, which is absolute rubbish based on comebacks from each score Smile


    I think it was more about teams who go 1-0 up, how many go on to 'win the game' - same with the other scorelines.


    is not directly relevant but was an interesting read.

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