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    Just an update, I can confirm that FUT will rule for another year at least because PES myClub still has no transfer market!


    How can they think they have a mode to rival ultimate team when the only way you can get players is through their pack system (a roulette wheel with 1 player opened for you to use)?


    I will still get both games, but serious online gameplay is owned 100% by EA for at least another year.


    IMHO of course.

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    This has to be the most weirdest I've ever seen! I still scored, but keep watching to see what Gerrard actually did!


    Anyone else had this, or other wierd glitches??




    Full video:


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    Quote from countrynerman >>

    The game holds up better from a zoomed out, birds eye perspective...At least that's how I like to play it as a passing player of sorts.  I am able to take advantage of my AI teammates in that manner more so than dribbling close in or looking at the radar.  For me it feels more fluid with realistic physics and tempo this way as opposed to an up close or detailed approach.  It seems slower when I try to play it up close in part because I see less passes and do not pick my tempo up as easily.  I interpret PES as a very passing oriented game and the ball can clearly be passed quicker than your players can sprint.  Apon close examination I have seen the occasional ball pass partially into a body of a player or a player "skate"... which quite frankly happens in both games but I think the collision animations and tussle or rebound sequences are animated better and come in a larger variety in PES.  So up close I get the feeling its a trade off...depends on whether you are passer or dribbler to some extent maybe.  It looses some of its magic for me when I focus on detail but at a distance its convincing and more importantly, satisfying...Ultimately the animation of movement is more representational of the sport and that is what I find more realistic.


    I am going to stick around on pro dif and turn off player emotions where it states motivation levels can effect player performances. 


    (I don't think I even recognize much difference, if any, with that setting on/off.)


     New videos and info on Masterl eague (PES version of Career Mode) and Myclub (their FUT) is going to be announced sometime this week, should be interesting.

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    Quote from Dazza3113 >>

    Have you ever thought that something happened in the real world that made them turn the game off.....


    Phone call

    Knock at the door

    Nagging girlfriend

    Screaming baby

    Eastenders about to start


    To some people Fifa is a game and not life or death, those people tend to skip replays and just get on with the game

     But he watched all replays (check the video out at 4.10 for an example) and he generally played like an arse right up to ragequitting. The only screaming baby was probably him lol!

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    Quote from daddydave316 >>

    Could have been a signal dropout or Internet problem,  or a strange explosion, or godzilla. Very odd

     Haha possibly, but it felt like he quit deliberately just to stop me from winning the game! (or him from losing...)

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    Quote from MikeNC >>

    Not sure about the weirdest but I can tell you which was the biggest dick move, because it happened just a few days ago.


    Playing a seasons match and I fully admit, my opponent was controlling the game. Went up 2-0 about 70 mins in and it looked over until he started taunting me: skilling around with his back four, bringing his goalie out, etc.


    I take the ball from his keeper and cut it to 2-1 about 75 mins in and shortly after, take a sloppy pass in midfield, put together a few passes of my own and equalize.


    Then, he gets ultra aggressive, can't get in for goal and his defenders are way out of position. He drags Rooney down in the box on the counter and then rage quits before I can take the PK.


    My season ends and I miss promotion by 2 points after splitting my last two games.

     That sucks. I think even if the game is level EA should give you the win for a ragequit.

    I can't understand the thinking behind quitting when the game is still up for grabs though. I've even had ragers quitting because they were a goal down at half time!

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    Hi guys I was playing my RTG series when this guy quit after EQUALISING against me, then ragequit! WTF...has this happened to anyone else? What's your strangest ragequit?


    LINK: https://youtu.be/2tvgLoyxHso


    It happened in the second game.

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    Quote from countrynerman >>

    Here is a rather dull sequence enhanced by the collision system or "50 50 ball concept" in which I feel Fifa is out classed by animation in PES.  Note, I am not speaking about detail necessarily but fluidity of movement or actual aesthetics as it relates to the real life sport. This is reminiscent of a sequences in Fifa we have all seen numerous times... Do I even believe I had only a 50% chance of winning this ball?  No, I am not sure what the odds were as it did seem created as form of artificial excitement but I struggle to say difficulty.  I am pretty sure Muller came down the field and stomped on my heart anyways after but here we see a decent animation which is semi believable.  DeRossi takes the contact from Dante and rides out the challenge and slots a easy pass to Iturbe who seems marked by less than satisfactory defending before tapping it in.  I never said its perfect but I do find the animation more believable.  



     Yes I found the collision detection system to be way better than Fifa's random-feeling effort, a block/check tackle seems to have real-world believability in PES.

    Before I go on, I want to make it clear to those on here that I am not a "PES fan-boy", I happen to like both games, I prefer(red) FIFA's online modes more than PES's even though Fifa is full of scripted BS and suchlike because of the sheer number of available opponents compared to PES (you can wait an age on PES to find an opponent). But PES seems to be catching up fast, I believe this is the first time they have introduced their new collision system and it feels better than FIFA already! I tend to play PES offline as the computer AI is smart enough to make it challenging, and I play fifa online for the reasons above.

    It is possible to like both games, y'know! Wink

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    I've been playing the demo more than playing FIFA lately, the game is pretty good. I've done a couple of videos of the game, has anyone else been playing it?


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    posted a message on How to beat PSG with Chelsea

    Try passing more. If you are up against a tough defensive unit like PSG (Bayern are another tough mob) then you need to pass your way into scoring positions. Try setting your tactics to 'possession', that way your players will be looking to receive the ball instead of making runs, and be patient.


    Regarding Ibra, just contain him and bring in a second defender if needed (team-mate contain button).


    Let me know how you go against your friend.

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    Quote from countrynerman >>

    I'm eating it up...I don't even have expectations for online play as to not let myself down.  However, offline, as is, it is great imo, both the gameplay and AI...  I know I will get my monies worth.   I virtually converted myself over after just a couple of hours.  I am a Pes novice, not a football or footy sim novice but a pes novice. I altered like maybe 5 or 7 settings out of a possible 100 different options I would like to experiment with at some point and I already thoroughly enjoy it.  Of coarse, I have noticed minor things but as a whole the game is so much more believable and responsive than its competitor.  It's so strange not being confronted by artificially stupid ai.  Anyways, here is how I am playing it, or at least how it looks from my limited experience.







     That view of the pitch gives a great insight into the AI of all the players, just watch them making supporting runs and getting back to defend without running into each other! 

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    Quote from persevere80 >>

    The option file is not available to use online so would be a waste of time for me.

     Why would it be a waste of time? Actually the option files can be used throughout all the modes, online and offline. Only you see them though, in online modes on your own console/PC, due to copyright issues.

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    Quote from totenkopf23 >>

    Played the demo last night.

    Fairly impressed.......... seemed solid, once i`d sorted controls and options.

    Option files for XBone and I`d be in, For anyone non PES, the stuff that the community can do with these files is unbelievable.

    I`ll wait and see what XBox updates bring.

    one thing I noticed was the `collision system`.  The player models seemed to have more `weight` to them, making tackles and collisions seem more solid and physical than Fifa.

    Thers also an option to `target` a manual through ball pass.

    I was a bag of shite at it, but I started to see the benefits. Press through ball and direction and you get a little circle on the pitch. The longer you hold, the further it will reach, but with skill, you can play it to wherever you like.

     I agree, I did a video review of the game and felt the same thing, much more weight to the players and the ball. Interesting what you said about the manual through ball, I might have a closer look at that, sounds very interesting...


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    posted a message on Official Scripting/Handicap Debate Thread
    Quote from crlarsen >>
    Quote from fbcrzy>>

     1. I said I wasn't an above-average player, yet you jump to the conclusion I am a below-average player? There is another option - I am an average player. At least that's how I see myself.

    Fair point, but let's go back to my previous question: What exact part of your experience is it that indicates that EA has a strategy to keep average and/or below-average players in with a good chance of beating a far better player? 


    Besides, why would EA want bad players to beat better players, and how would the bad player know that he was beating a better player, provided the opponent was handicapped? I really can't come up with a likely motive.  

    2. Here is a recent match (highlights) LINK where I out-shoot, outplay and have more possession than my opponent and he scores a goal when my defender falls over injured, ball ricochets through my defence, saved by my keeper who pushes the ball straight back to his striker and he scores easily while my keeper dives again seconds after the ball hits the net. This was his only shot on goal. I managed to win, but I should have won by about 5 goals at least. This was a game for the title, when the EA BS really seems to kick in.



    Starting with the first half, I see five shots from your side. In my honest opinion, none of them could be considered real chances. There is a couple of shots from distance and three headers. We are talking about attempts which - considering angle, shot power and the positioning of the involved players - go in less than 1 out of 50 times. 


    Then there is his goal. What I notice is that you make two tackling attempts up field. First with Wellbeck, next with Davies. The problem with these interactions is that you miss the opportunity of moving Onuoha into a better position, meaning that he had all the time he needed to play the cross. Of course, this goal was lucky as well, but the matter of the fact is that the situation occurs because you make some bad judgements ahead of it. Of course, I can't guarantee that he wouldn't have scored if you had focused of positioning Onuoha instead, but I can guarantee that your chances of stopping the situation from becoming dangerous would have been bigger. And to me, that is exactly what decision making in FIFA as well as real football is all about: Making the decision which leads to the highest possible likelihood of a positive outcome.


    As for your first goal, it is just as lucky as his, so when considering the distribution of luck, there doesn't seem to be a lot of difference.


    Finally, there is your second and decisive goal, which apparently is the first real chance created in the match.


    Please consider two things:


    First of all, why would EA deliberately chose to let someone score a lucky goal in the first half of a match just to let his opponent score two in the second half? What incentive could there possibly be for EA to care about this? 


    Second, your video indeed shows some pretty bad decisions. Presuming EA wanted him to score that first goal, then how did they manage to persuade you to making the bad decisions, which were necessary for this to become a chance in the first place? And what about your first goal - did they hypnotize the opponent into making that pass right to your player?


    3. I think when we talk evidence here it is circumstantial evidence, which is overwhelming. You use your opinion to find alternative answers to the blatantly obvious one, for reasons best known to yourself.

    Well, when I talk about evidence, I don't talk about definitive proof, but indeed just evidence, meaning anything which makes either theory more likely than unlikely. Circumstantial evidence is exactly that: Evidence which makes it more likely than unlikely that you are right. Can you point my attention to one single piece of circumstantial evidence? 

    4. Precisely my point. We don't know what is going on, therefore your view is merely your opinion, not fact, same as everyone else's opinion is.

    Except for the fact that there indeed is circumstantial evidence indicating that I'm right. Some examples:


    5. In your opinion...thanks for confirming.

    It is an opinion, but it is not just a random opinion but indeed a qualified opinion based on a number of circumstances:


    (1) The complete absence of any sort of evidence indicating that I'm wrong.

    (2) The amount and quality of the evidence indicating that I'm right

    (3) The absence of a convincing motive 

    (4) The presence of a more likely explanation, which is supported by evidence, has a credible motive and isn't contradicted by any evidence

    And you are asking the wrong question; the more relevant question would be 'why would EA make certain players WIN matches' ... it puts a completely different spin on the issue doesn't it? FIFA is awash with 'below average' players (as demonstrated in my video, plus many others) so what keeps them playing? EA does, by lending a hand to these less talented individuals. Sinister enough for you?

    Well, that's not exactly a new idea. It's the same claim, handicapping believers have been proponing since the FIFA 10 or something. I have covered it thoroughly in this post, section 2. 


    The problem with your theory is - 

    (1) People rarely get matched up against opponents with a very different skill level. In seasons, you mostly get matched up with players from your own division etc. A few people have recorded their opponents systematically, and there is absolutely no foundation for claiming that a div 1 player is being matched up with newbies and will lose.

    (2) This survey (link) showed that bad players are complaining just as much about handicapping as better players. 

    (3) Nothing indicates that this strategy would work, even if EA were to pursue it. I have explained why in this post, section 2. 



     Ok, as I said previously, I am an average player, but fairly experienced, IE I have played FIFA for years. EA knows this, they probably also know I have pre-ordered FIFA 16.


    OK, so here is a thought...I'm a guaranteed returning customer, playing a noob who may or may not buy next season's game. You really don't think that EA will give these potential long-term customers a helping hand? THAT I believe is their business model; keep the noobs coming back for more.


    In a weird way, it is probably how we all got hooked on FIFA in the first place!


    PS was it you who commented on my channel? If so thanks, there was some good advice offered which I have taken onboard.

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    2. Here is a recent match (highlights) LINK where I out-shoot, outplay and have more possession than my opponent...

    Your finishing is just way too hasty, try controlling the ball before shooting, especially when having the goal in your back. Even more so when using poor players...


    His goal is lucky in the end, but favored by your inability to stop Müller and by your keeper of choice...John Ruddy.

     Thanks for the advice. I am actually playing this as a series where I started with zero coins, Ruddy was all I could afford at the time. I have since upgraded, but thanks, I agree Ruddy is shocking as a keeper.

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