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    Quote from Chargersrock54 >>

    Update: looking at all the tables if season ended today I'd have most correct lol, you guys getting beat by someone who's watched PL for less than 2 years just saying

     I've only been watching for a 4-5 years (Gotta love american broadcasts even in the early 2000's was basically Major International games....MLS(sometimes) and then sometimes MASSIVE Champions league games.

    Besides that we just didn't have access to it. You had to watch streams or read up on it.
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    It's not all about pace.

    You also lose pace when on the ball which why nearly all defenders can catch you (it's their balancing method)
    Not to mention that little tiny gravitational pull defenders have on most attacking players if they get near them you can rarely get away from it and then if you're weaker you're fucked. end of story.

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    You know what the best thing about this topic is?

    The fact if I wasn't up to date on Man U's affairs in the league/europe whereever they may be at the time....The title allows me to know exactly what happened....or in most cases didn't happen which is a win
    (at least you draw which is more then my team has been able to say as of late BUT you're in 6th and we aren't so I can gloat this week :P)

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    Quote from silencer727 >>


    I used to be a strong scripting believer but I am more and more convinced it is to blame on FIFA it's netcode and lag compensation.

    While there are scripted elements as that is how games are made, they don't work against us as much as we like to believe.


    The rumour is that FIFA runs at a server/connection tick rate of about 10 hz so the server/connection updates 10 times per second.

    Put in some wifi a good range and you have a true shitstorm of a connection with packetloss even decreasing the aprox 10hz ticks. 

    This gives all these gaps in updating what happens on the field, your input and so on. 


    EA ''fixes'' this by putting in lag compensation that fills in these gaps for you, ''predicting'' what will happen and thus smoothing out the experience so the player won't notice these gaps/lags.


    Now I will tell a story about Battlefield 3.

    This also ran at a tick-rate of approximately 10hz.

    It was filled with issues in connection.

    There were kill trades, two people shooting each other, not seeing the other return fire but still both die.

    Kills behind cover, running behind cover, being save, still get hit and die.

    Rubber banding, running forward but keep getting pulled back a few steps.

    Plus there were some hitreg issues, people getting hit when they weren't physically hit. (missed shots around player hit the player).


    The community was OUTRAGEOUS! EA was TRASH! releasing this. And they were hammered down in the press, so they were instantly on it and they fixed it!

    BF3 was super smooth after that, BF4 uses the same technology as does BF1. Fairly simple, they ''optimized'' the hitreg but most importantly upped the server tick-rates from 10hz to 60hz.

    As I believe is THE solution for FIFA.


    But if only... only the FIFA  community were as outrageous about it as the Battlefield community was... (and maybe the press? FutHead *hint *hint)


    I will also tell you why EA just doesn't do it them selves, because they will loose half their clients because they cannot maintain a connection of 60hz plus they loose a lot more money on server maintenance and overall server costs. 


    ''For the player''...



    One theory I have for finding the best games, only do games you find instantly, if you press search opponent and it takes a few seconds, it is expanding its search area, going further and further, giving you a higher latency.

    This does not guarantee anything, because sometimes.. the matchmaking is just... EA...

    But generally this gives me the best experience


    Plus WIFI is super bad! it is unfit and unstable for gaming, unless you run 5ghz which consoles can't do so stay away from wifi please!


    Dedicated servers are the answer but not at 10hz...

     Ill make a point on your last sentence.

    Dedicated Servers IMO are better served when the game is hosting multiple players (Battlefield/COD/Halo etc)
    However even with dedicated servers if you have a piss poor connection, a dedicated server isn't going to magically give you a solid connection to the match.

    Even in Sports games where it's typically 1v1 there 1 of the 2 players is still technically "hosting" the match. Those Ping bars we see before the game is ones connection to our opponent,not the server. We all connect "fine" to the actual EA servers it's why we can run a game in general but if my opponent is running on fucken dial up (does anyone still run on dial up?) then he's still going to be lagging out the ass and the server is going to attempt to create a good connection between the 2 of us and it's going to ail miserable because it simply can not fix it.

    COD used to be P2P connections which was absolutely fine as long as someone with a solid connection got picked for host, a good host could run a lobby for hours and nearly everyone in the lobby would function perfectly fine, however bad connections would have lag issues, not to the host....but to everyone else in the lobby they would notice that players lag.
    It used to be considered "host advantage" in COD (and it was real, i was lucky enough to enjoy it many many times through out my COD days)
    The host especially if he was half decent player would absolutely melt entire lobbies with ease (now these players could typically still do very well if they weren't on host,unless the host was complete shit)

    After many years of people complaining about Host Advantage (because obviously that was the reason most players were doing poorly,it's like the fifa community complaining about things that do work and EA changing them to appease the bad players) They Allowed for a player to still obtain Host....except they added in Lag Compensation to the game, which meant the actual host....ended up on a disadvantage. It was the games way of Providing a solid connection to the lobby while making sure the host didn't have a "unfair" advantage over everyone so they almost put him one 1 second delay to everyone else in the lobby and you could honestly feel it. a 3+ K/d player like myself knows when he messes up and knows when it's the games connection, that was a failed experiment and they mellowed it out and basically made it so there was a host....but for the most part everyone was on equal playing fields. If you had a good connection you were fine, if you didn't you suffered end of story.

    You only need an ok internet connection to play nearly any game on the market smoothly, when you start trying to create a false connection to your servers to make players happy who feel they'd be better if there was no host advantage.

    I mean I have a 47up/7 Down connection that is more then sufficient to run any game on the market with 0 issues. FIFA could give a shit less.
    I play against my buddy in england all the time as well as with him in Co-Op and lag is a near none issue and we're 3000miles apart from eachother. So when it comes down to it. Most lag is create by lack of servers open on Weekends+ opponents (or yourself) having a poor connection or playing on WiFi. Button Delay and actual lag are two completely different things as well.

    Sure it's worse when there's lag but the input delay seems be fairly standard even on good connections. 
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    Quote from Seki >>

    These Butland scripts are really something. I just had 11 damn fine shots on target in the first 20 minutes, all saved by this douch. Then on the counter attack, EA made me switch players two times, while I didn't press anything, and his first shot went in by my De Gea's hand and head. After that, I had a few more chances, all denied by Butland.


    My opponent stated he was without words about what happened here, saying he was absolutely useless and I should have won this game by miles.

     Well butland is broken we all know that.

    As for the switching....idk what your settings are on...typically it won't switch with your command unless you have air balls on auto switch (which is a hit or miss function for you sanity)

    They do it in Co-Op where the game will decide If My buddy or I will pass across goal or really anything to eachother it randomly switches us around which we don't expect and then the scoring chances goes missing because the game decided "oh let's switch whos controlling what player"
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    posted a message on Not able to get in anymore

    Servers are down on and off all day. It's because of the legends fuck up they had yesterday

    When something breaks or something simple like accidentally* adding legends into PS4/PC on the search bar....they will almost always fuck something up when fixing something else.

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    I think the biggest thing is the majority of the community is middle of the road skill wise (which is fine that's not an insult)
    But that group varies so much so you could easily be a lot better then another average player but still get dicked by someone who couldn't hold a torch to another player.

    You also don't know what exactly your opponent was going through in previous matches. Maybe he was just dicked over in a few matches and he's finally having all the luck while you may have been on a good run and aren't getting any luck.

    A lot of it is mental imo. The person you're playing doesn't know what you've dealt with in matches previous but chances are you are still fuming over those games which has an effect on how you play, you more than likely start to try and force things to happen (not always but it's a safe bet)

    The game is shit in general which is a shame because they have other games with the same game mode that on all accounts functions just fine.

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    Quote from MJELEB >>

    I still wonder if 'handicap' is the result of the game messing up stamina.


    I had a few games in the tournament last night and was getting a lot of rage quits as I was starting really well.  I lost in the semi final in a fairly even game but then in the next run I got to the final and again I had gone 2-0 up and was destroying the guy.  In the second half he got a very lucky goal and he'd barely had an attack let alone a goal scoring chance at this point.  I was going to shout 'xbox record that' as it was a ridiculous goal but I figured I'd watch it back in the replays.


    Anyway, once he'd got that first goal my players all acted like they had no stamina left and there was nothing I could do.  Suddenly my Ronaldo and Best for examples had the ball taken off them before they could take a touch etc. and I couldn't get out of my own half.  Before you say, this wasn't because he'd turned up the pressure and gone all out attack.  If he'd done that then my players would still be able to pass and run etc. and I'd just have to adjust.   I ended up losing 3-2 and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.


    Annoyingly on the replays there were only 4!   And my opponents first goal wasn't one of the highlights!  Why does the game do this?  Sometimes there's 7 to 9 highlights yet in some games it only shows 3-4 when there were more goals than highlights.  It seems to miss out the 'dodgy' goal as well which is suspicious to me.  Surely it should always show at least the goals.

     Shit servers imo, sometimes they record multiple "highlights" other times they just shit the bed. I've had games where they've decided multiple tackles were more of highlight vs a 3-4 goals scored in the game.

    I do believe there's a sense of momentum when it comes to your team giving up a goal. Especially if it's after you've gone up 2-0. The whole saying that a 2 goal lead is the worst lead in sports and I think fifa took it seriously.

    Now I admit, you see happen in sports all the time (Hockey/Football/Baseball) 2-0 just isn't incredibly "safe" and in FIFA because of the 6 min Halves it's increased greatly in terms of how your team is affected by it.

    So you give up a goal and suddenly they are 1 goal away from equalizing and your team just kind of acts up.
    However more to that point I do feel certain players/teams (depending on your game mode) have their heads on straight. My buddy and I will use liverpool and we're pretty convinced anytime it's at Anfield....even if we go down a goal, something about Liverpool at Anfield makes the team almost never give up. They constantly attack make good tackles and create chances.
    Meanwhile Real Madrid almost always seems to collapse if they give up a goal or 2 which is a bit insane considering we've seen them come back all the time from being down in a game.

    Man U in Co-Op can do absolutely no wrong, every time we play them we are resigned to losing. Every bounce goes their way. Ibra runs around like he's at 99 Pace, Shaw and Velencia are god tier. Pogba bodies everyone off the ball and out runs them. and obviously that broken CB pairing is well...broken. Goalies start acting up.
    De Gea PUNCHES out perfect counter attack balls, He punched a ball last night 40yds down field to Ibra who then dinked it to Mhk who then chipped it back into the box for ibra who JUMPED AND TRIED TO VOLLEY IT...Ramos was standing there deflected the shot but because ibra hit him on a jumping volley...the game decided that was a pen...Navas then got a full hand on it and it still went over his hand and into the goal.

    We really should just quit when we play Man U.
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    posted a message on EA scripting 2.0 in accordance to 'weird losing streak'

    The games servers especially weekend league are a joke. They put the games onto separate servers. Which means less servers and still a large chunk of players trying to play on them so lag is something they need to seriously work out.

    "dedicated" servers aren't the answer because a bad connection will still be a bad connection as someone in the lobby technically hosts the match anyways. The dedicated servers don't do much for sports games in terms of connections it's more beneficial to larger group games as long as players being connected to them are within a reasonable distance from them.

    If FIFA servers are picking Americans to play Against Brits or something along those lines on a smaller amount of servers you will have issues.

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    Realistically there's no reason to not BB.

    Even if you don't believe in it you are only going to have maybe 2-3 players you'd consider bringing on.
    Maybe keep 4 potential subs (1 defender) just in case you have one sent off.

    When you're an average player like myself it's pointless to believe in such things if you're better then me chances are you will beat me no matter what theories I believe in.

    As for the whole "Lag" being different you can't base that completely on your bench, there's a chance the servers potentially settled as less people were. It could be a complete coincidence that when you went full BB you managed to lose lag/button delay.

    Do it at the start of weekend league. when the servers are completely overwhelmed and i'd be willing to bet you'd have the issues you claimed vanished later in your WL once you did go full BB

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    posted a message on EA scripting 2.0 in accordance to 'weird losing streak'
    Quote from futhead_LoveyPSU >>
    Quote from RagingOtter >>
    Quote from futhead_LoveyPSU >>

    Maybe he's saying he hasn't figure out how to cheese the AI like some people have. I know I haven't and my WL result of 18 wins was a struggle for me.

     I can understand that POV.

    But does ones individual struggle to obtain any number of wins,mean that it applies to everyone else thus if someone achieves a higher amount of wins it's suspicious?

    I don't think that's a solid logic by any means.
    No, it does not mean that and I'd agree that thinking that makes no sense. I see him as someone who came to a forum for help and is just frustrated he's not getting answers. But no one on here really provides an real "help" because they're all afraid of giving away the tricks to people who will end up beating them because of it.
     I don't even think it's a matter of not wanting to give away tricks.

    I think it's just not as blatantly obvious as to what really works in this game.
    14 was send a cross into the box and get a goal.
    15 Was balls to the wall pace whoring
    16 seemed to be mid range shots/Near Post OP.

    This year the low driven shot is broken.
    However getting to that point is what most people can't wrap their heads around.

    Passing works in this game as well being ultra defensive so Ultra Defensive+Counter Attacking is great.

    I've experienced far far more people this year using skill moves and shielding then in past games. Obviously the top players skill(or use the proper skill moves in a given situation) a lot of the times. You also have people who just work their ass off to learn skills but can't finish a plate of chips to save their lives when they happen to get into scoring position.

    The latter people there tend to blame the game at that point because they figure they've skilled there way into a half decent shot that they deserve a goal which just isn't the case.

    People who enjoy attacking/running and passing around (like my self) I tend to not use many skills, I don't shield, I don't do drag backs which costs me a lot of wins and that's fine, I just don't enjoy doing those things nor am I that good at them i know a few skill moves that I will use from time to time if a player keeps allowing it to happen,but there are countless games i go the entire match without even doing a simple spin or a drag back.

    Now I don't think you NEED to do any of those to win games however when you look at the top players or players who consistently finish in the Elite grouping assuming they have YT channels or you've played against them....They do it those things, and they do them very well. Some are better at attacking then they are defending but will out score you in heart beat.
    Others aren't as great at attacking so they have to defend far better and take advantage of any chance they get (typically they do)

    Then you've got players who are just simply good at both aspects of the game and you can't do a damn thing against them. 

    Yes the majority of the game is you v the AI (you can only control one player at any given time) and there are 20 AI players running around trying to do what they believe is the right thing to do based on instructions/ball location/attacking or defending.

    As many variables as people make note of being out of their control, there are just as many that are under your control that most people subconsciously don't think about.


    How much pass power did you actually put on the ball (Too much or too little?)
    Was your player off balance?
    Did you try to pass in a direction the player wasn't properly facing in order for him to make a good pass?
    Did you take tons and tons of shots from 40yds out and consider them "quality" scoring chances?
    Did you aim your shot properly based on your players location?
    Did you attempt to shoot at full speed?
    Did you attempt to shoot because a pass was behind your player and he scuffed the attempt?
    Did you double team when you shouldn't have?
    Did you switch players properly?
    What tactics did you have going at the time of the goal?
    Did you run a player out of position?
    Did you miss a tackle?

    The point is there is a lot of things a player controls themselves in the game that we don't think about, we just assume "I pushed the proper buttons to do the proper action thus it should work" Which in reality just isn't the case.
    When people say oh TOTY so and so didn't make a good pass and if you were to watch the game play they tried to hit 180 degree spin turn through ball across field and then blamed the game for it going straight to the defender.
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    Quote from futhead_LoveyPSU >>

    Maybe he's saying he hasn't figure out how to cheese the AI like some people have. I know I haven't and my WL result of 18 wins was a struggle for me.

     I can understand that POV.

    But does ones individual struggle to obtain any number of wins,mean that it applies to everyone else thus if someone achieves a higher amount of wins it's suspicious?

    I don't think that's a solid logic by any means.
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    I agree there are variables in this game no questions asked.

    However you keep trying to imply that there are....variables outside of the game that the better players are allowed to take advantage of in order to be extra good at this game which is just....illogical.

    That's like being an Athlete in high school. You may have to work a lot harder then others to be good or even half decent and then saying "well there's clearly something else going on here, why does he just get to half ass the effort and still be better then me"
    Well simple, some people are just gifted at what they do or can easily over come issues that others may not be able to for whatever reason.

    One of my friends in High School. 6'3 threw 94+MPH absolutely DOMINATED the high school. Got Drafted by The Boston Redsox, chose to go to school, went to NC State and guess what, he got a good D1 School where everyone could do exactly what he could and he ended up being left behind because he couldn't adapt to the game and because he thought he was better then he was.

    Hell a lot of those kids who were great at FIFA 15 abusing the game mechanics weren't good at 16 and blamed the game and any mechanics they weren't capable of taking advantage of.
    Same goes for the good players in 16 to 17.
    The difference just using YTers as an example Nep/Nick28 etc They are consistently good at the game every year they figure out the best way to go about it and learn and do well all the time, They may not be 35-40wins every weekend but they can rattle of wins in the 30s if they really try while there are people who are simply better then them that they just win. It's not like EA has chosen the small % of people in this game some of which don't even stream or make YT vids and said "Yep, these guys we have decided will be handed an unfair advantage to always win games" there's no logic behind that.

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    Quote from everton1983 >>

    The computer controls more than you realise don't be fooled in thinking the skill gap is so superior. 


    Yes there are better players than others but pros please what's the world come to lol

     The fact that they are actually paid to play the game makes them Pros.

    Not in the same sense that YTers/Streamers are paid to "play" the game, they are paid to create content. They just are usually better then Average.

    I don't considering gaming a sport.
    But There are companies that sign these people to play the game and they compete for money while being paid to do so.
    They are indeed professional, but why would they need the game fixed?
    Here's how gaming communities work.

    There is a small % of a games community who Pros.
    Then a Small % who are great players.
    Then a Large % who are middle of the road (of varying degrees)
    then decent % who are simply bad at the game.

    The problem is that middle of the road group tends to think they are better then they really are so they feel that because they have to try so hard to achieve certain things in games, anyone who is better then them is obviously being given an advantage of some sort.

    I've played COD since COD4. I have far too many hours into the game and I consider myself above average. I carry a 3+ KD throughout my COD career which 99% of the time is the highest KD in the lobby.

    The majority of community are average at best, however they feel "Wow i've had to work my ass off to hold a 1.2 K/D and I beat up on kids from time to time" Then they get into a lobby with someone who's clearly better then them (me) and they instantly think the better person has to be cheating or getting some sort of advantage that they aren't being given.

    People need to realize they aren't as good as they think they are. 
    I'm average at best at FIFA but I know when i personally fuck up and cost myself a game and I know when i've been beaten by a better player. I can't help the fact that you can't wrap your head around that people are capable of winning the majority of their games.

    I mean there are players who have records of well over 800/900 wins and around 100 losses. You probably think that's impossible.
    It isn't there are people who are simply good at certain games and are capable of adjusting to any bullshit.

    At this point i'm just assuming you're troll and or fall under the category of gamer who feels they are far better then they really are and because of the effort you need to put into doing well with a game anyone who's better has some sort of unfair advantage given to them.
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    Quote from everton1983 >>

    I just don't believe it's possible, put it this way If Harry was to take over my controller when the lag is that bad on my end he wouldn't stand a chance. 



     He plays on the exact same servers as us....sooooo yeah he probably would.

    But hey to each their own for your beliefs 
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